Göcek Tunnel will be Twin


The new tunnel was announced by the General Directorate of Highways. After the construction of the 1989 in 8 and the 13 government with the prime minister, the Göcek Tunnel, which was commissioned and completed in 2006, becomes a double-lane.

The twin towers of the 960-meter Göcek Tunnel on the highway connecting Antalya and Muğla will be built. Gospel related to the new tunnel was given by Ali Boğa and Yüksel Özden from the AK Party. On the 100 anniversary of Muğla's departure from Aydın and becoming an independent province, the proxies who made an investment attack on Muğla announced that the negotiations for the Göcek Tunnel, which is on the agenda with the ongoing fees, has been positive. Deputy Ali Boğa told that they have been working in the Ministry of Transport for two years and that the ongoing works have resulted in a positive outcome. Göcek Tunnel that will be done by the highway to explain the twin twin, the road passing through the tunnel also gave the good news that taken care of.


In the special administration network in Muğla, some roads that are important in terms of tourism, transportation and traffic density are continuing to be taken into the network of roads. Ak PArti Muğla MP Ali Boğa pointed out that there will be significant relief in transportation. Ali Boğa, who explained the first time that the drivers will have a tunnel to the Karabel pass, which is a fearful dream in the winter months, said: tünel We know how the buses carrying passengers carrying fresh vegetables and fruit carry problems in the Karabel Passage. In the coming days we will finish this nightmare by opening a new tunnel to this passage. Thus, an important passage that connects Muğla to Antalya will also be tunneled.

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