Signature Campaign Launched for High Speed ​​Train to Gemlik

📩 27/11/2018 15:40

Former CHP deputy Kemal Demirel, Gemlik district of Bursa has launched a petition campaign for the arrival of high-speed train.

Kemal Demirel collected a signature from the tradesmen of the historical Kayhan Bazaar in Bursa for the high speed train to Gemlik. Demirel said, “There was a railroad in Bursa before. With the law initiated by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 1953, the railway was abolished. Since then, there is a shortage of railways in Bursa. A protocol on railways was signed 5 months ago.

We want the high-speed train to pass through Gemlik and Yalova. I had asked a question to prevent the high speed train line from the Istanbul-İzmir highway crossing. We are here to take part in this project by making a signature campaign. Iz

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