9 12 Bridge Interchange

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues to relieve the city traffic with the crossroads it has built one after the other. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which has built 2004 crossroads since 12, has also taken action for the Şehreküstü Intersection, which suffers from pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The Metropolitan Municipality aims to complete the Şehreküstü Intersection, which is the largest bridge crossroad in the city, in a short period of 6 months and put it into the service of the citizens.
In order to solve the transportation problem of the Şehreküstü region, where especially the airport, Ünaldı and industrial tradesmen suffered greatly, the works in the 'Şehreküstü Bridge Interchange Construction Work' started in December 2012 are continuing rapidly. Within the scope of the 'Şehreküstü Bridge Crossroad', the longest and largest closed tunnel junction of the city center, a new line is being built with 671 bored piles, approximately 3,5 kilometers of waste water and rainwater displacement. Within the scope of the work, excavation work of 84 thousand cubic meters and filling works of 15 thousand cubic meters are also continuing. Excavation works in the tunnel continue rapidly. The project, where the infrastructure works are also completed at 85 percent, is planned to be completed at the beginning of May and the road to be opened.

Source: sabah



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