Come to EXPO by High Speed ​​Train!

Come to EXPO by High-Speed ​​Train: Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) President Çetin Osman Budak started a giant campaign with the slogan Gelin Come to EXPO by High-Speed ​​Train ”at the last assembly meeting of 2009-2013.

Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council held the last meeting of the 2009-2013 activity period. The Assembly Members showed great interest in the meeting that took place in the ATSO Assembly Hall. Speaking at the opening of the meeting, ATSO Board Chairman Çetin Osman Budak thanked the entire ATOS community, especially the members of the Assembly and the Professional Committees. Stating that his four-year term of office is about to end, Budak said, “We are obliged to fulfill our duty in the best possible way until the last day. Therefore, I will briefly inform you about our activities, economic situation and sectoral problems ”.


Stating that they have made important contributions to the unity and solidarity of Antalya as ATSO so far, Budak said:

“Today, there is no single private sector and public institution in Antalya that we do not cooperate with. We worked not only in Antalya, but also in full dialogue and cooperation with the chambers and exchanges of the Western Mediterranean region, professional organizations and NGOs. Congress Office, Promotion Inc., Agriculture Council, EXPO, BAGEV; We cooperate in all platforms such as ANFAS and ASBAS. Even the projects and works we have done with public institutions and municipalities in the last month are really good examples of cooperation. UMEM Skill 10 We have signed a protocol with all municipalities in the vocational and employment project. Now is the time to increase this togetherness to higher levels. For this reason, we should take utmost care in preserving and developing this culture in Antalya. I find it useful for all our members to know the following point in the election process. Chamber administration, council and committee membership are duties that do not bring any interest, but on the contrary bring heavy responsibilities. Nobody has a material interest here. This is the representation of sectors. For this reason, respected, reputable, pioneer names who are experienced in their sectors undertake their duties here. But of course not all sectors, all members cannot be represented here. Because we have hundreds of businesses and we cannot establish hundreds of committees. For this reason, the main task of this Assembly is not to protect the interests of each sector separately, but to protect the common interests of all sectors, thus the economy of Antalya. It is to defend and protect the public interest. ”


Stating that there is an increase in 20 loan usage in Antalya in his speech, Budak said, “This has created some improvement in the market. We've already expected this year to be better than last year. Indeed, when we look at the 17 percent increase in quarterly collection KDV in Turkey, Antalya seems to increase the 25 percent. But here it is important to note that this improvement is not enough to comfort everyone. The recession in Europe is reflected in every sector through export channels. We see a horizontal course in tourism. The Israeli market is returning rapidly. Germany landscape. In Russia there is an increase of 11 percent. In other countries, there are also minus ones. We are currently below expectations, but I think it will be compensated in the coming months. On the export front, lower export growth in Turkey, Antalya is the 11 percent in agriculture, yüzdexnumx increase in exports was recorded in the industry. Prices in agriculture this year are somewhat high. There was a lot of loss last year due to the price. This year, the average quarterly price increase of 10. However, the decrease in wholesaler product entry was also effective. Problems arising from the wholesaler product registration system still persist. We do not see any serious revival in our industrial sector yet. The increase in electricity consumption in the organized level is at the 34 level. This shows that growth and recovery are limited. A significant increase in investment in the construction sector began last year. Currently, new licenses have started to decline. Hopefully, the fall in mortgage interest rates will bring some more revival. Nevertheless, the sector needs to pay attention to the balance of supply and demand kul.

“We can easily grow at the rate of 7 per year in Antalya, Bud said Budak, President of ATSO.

"Turkey's economy in the next year will exceed this slow growth. The percentage will reach a growth rate of around 5 per year. We can easily grow at 7 rate in Antalya. This means that 10 increases 100 percent per year. In other words, the size of the economy of Antalya, which is close to 25 billion dollars today, will increase to 50 billion dollars. But the important thing is whether it will benefit from foreign capital, whether it is big monopolies or we will. Will you grow your business 100 in real terms in ten years? That's what matters. Antalya has grown rapidly so far, but a significant portion of the Antalya tradesmen have followed this growth. 30 percent of family businesses can transfer to the second generation, and thirty percent of it can transfer to the third generation. So 10 sees 1 in the third generation from the enterprise. It shouldn't be like this. If this happens, this means that Antalya lost. Therefore, we will surely be pioneers in our sectors, we will become partners, we will grow business. "


Emphasizing that the most important project for Antalya in the coming 10 year is the high speed train, Budak said, “High speed train is the project that will make the most contribution to the tourism, trade, construction sector and even the agricultural sector of Antalya. 2016 EXPO Antalya is an important opportunity for high-speed train investment. Therefore, high-speed train investment for EXPO should be included in the Government agenda. EXPO can make this investment attractive not only for the public but also for private investors. 7-8 is taking place early in the year in the cities where EXPO organizations are held in the world. We would like to see a similar effort for Antalya. For this reason, we are launching a signature campaign with the slogan 'Come to EXPO by High Speed ​​Train'. I said 1 million signatures, Antalya and Western Mediterranean Union can do this. If the government puts this issue on the agenda, planning and tender shall be held in one year. This will happen in two years. Turkey no longer has the strength to do it. Therefore, "we call on all Turkey, we are calling for Turkey," he said.

ATSO Assembly Members supported the campaign by signing the prepared text.

Source: UAV

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