Retired Firefighters Coming to 3inci Bridge

Previously developed western countries mainly pension funds from investing in the stock and bond markets in Turkey has increased its interest to invest in infrastructure in Turkey since upgrading. ISPAT President Ilker Ayci, USA, Canada and Sweden, teachers, firefighters and bridges in Turkey of pension funds, to be partners in projects like the airport said istdeg.
effective economic climate since 2008 in the US and Eurozone, fast-growing countries such as Turkey developed western countries began to direct their pension funds to invest in infrastructure. Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency President Ilker Ayci, before the stock market and came to Turkey to make investments in bonds USA, Canada, Sweden, and now said they want to come to the country for longer-term investments of the Norwegian pension fund. In particular, Fitch's credit rating in November 2012 in Turkey, indicating that the increased interest after the upgrade to investment grade Aycı, "For example, US firefighters, teachers of Canadian pension funds want to invest in Turkey's infrastructure projects. Currently, the bridge, airport,
pension funds, which examine projects such as hospital privatizations, are planning to become partners in infrastructure projects as financial partners. hastane
Noting that the pension funds of the developed countries have enormous portfolios, Aycı said, un These funds allocate some of their portfolios to infrastructure investments. Quite a long-term interest in acting in this sense Turkey is a very important development of pension funds. Because such investments in 10 for more than a year staying, "he said. Recently, the current account surplus in China, that Singapore and the Gulf States showed interest in infrastructure investments also in Turkey of state funds until Aycan, said: "The next 10 year will be Turkey's infrastructure investments in excess of $ 250 billion. It is envisaged that we will make 70-80 billion dollars from our own internal resources. The rest of the 140-150 is worth over $ 1 billion from international sources. Therefore, it is very important to maintain political and economic stability. Bun
Celebrities & Co.'s sponsorship held in London 'investment in Turkey's infrastructure' a group of media coming together Aycı with the members during entitled investor conference, said they asked the most 3rd airport tender these sorts of international investors. Stating that attracted the attention of international investors in the recent period of urban renewal project launched by Turkey Aycan, "especially the Japanese are interested in urban transformation. The Chinese have $ 1 trillion of funds are interested in the entire infrastructure project imposed in Turkey. There are many funds asking about the 3rd bridge, hospitals and privatizations in the health sector.
85 billion-dollar private-public partnership
FAMOUS & Co. Chairman Mahmut Ünlü, said that Turkey offers great potential in terms of infrastructure projects to investors. According to Celebrity & Co.'s calculations, within the next 10-15 years in Turkey, combined transportation, health, and has a potential of approximately 700 billion dollars in infrastructure projects within the scope of urban transformation projects. Mahmut Ünlü said, “This figure points out the potential outside the energy and telecom sectors. In this context, an opportunity for cooperation that can reach up to 85 billion dollars will arise through private sector-public partnerships ”.
Malaysians looking at the 3 airport
He said that there is no uneasiness in the investors regarding the cancellation of the bridge and motorway auctions. In fact, the Malaysian UEM Group, which co-operates with the Koç and Ülker Group in the tripartite consortium, is interested in the 3 airport Hatta.

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