As Eltaş Transformer, we want to serve our country

As Eltaş Transformer, we want to serve our country
As the whole world in the new era in the development of railways and rail system, Turkey was accepted as a state policy and continue to increase investment. Güre stressed that there is a serious leap forward in rail systems in recent years:: As Eltaş, we would like to serve our country and take part in our products. The glass-fiber technology we use in production is the most suitable technology to produce high performance transformers suitable for the desired load classes in rail systems.

In recent years, İzmir has been carrying out significant breakthroughs in industry and production. The share of organized industrial zones and maritime transport, whose numbers are rapidly increasing and operating, are large. In addition, working with hardworking and successful industrialists in the international arena continues to show. The second generation, even the third generation, has already taken important roles in many family businesses. Izmir is one of our lucky cities and one of these companies is Eltaş Transformatör. The company was founded by Ahmet Güre in 1981, and the successful businesswoman is Bilge Güre.

Can you introduce Eltaş to our readers?

Eltaş 32 is a company that produces transformers for years, a family company and I am the general manager of the company as a second generation representative. Ahmet Güre, the founder of our company, is still the chairman of the board. We are manufacturing in our facilities located on an area of ​​approximately 17.500 square meters in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. We started our new factory investment in Aliağa OSB; We are planning to complete this plant in less than two years in the 60.000 square meter area and to grow.

Oil distribution and power transformers up to 66 kV 40 MVA and dry type transformers are in our series production portfolio up to 36 kV 20 MVA. With the new plant investment, we will be able to produce 220 kV 160 MVA voltage and power levels. We have a strong design team, we have the ability to design and manufacture transformers according to customer requirements.

Can you tell us about the sectors you work in?

Transformers are one of the most basic equipment needed wherever electricity is used. The transformers we produce are used wherever there is a need for electricity transmission and distribution, especially industrial plants. Our main industrial facilities are cement, chemical, petrochemical, iron and steel and paper factories. Our references are not only domestically; We are also involved in important projects abroad with our products. For example, Tüpraş, Ereğli Demir Çelik, Kastamonu Entegre, Rönesans Holding, TAV Tepe Akfen, Bereket Energy, Kolin A.Ş. are among our customers that we serve in continuous projects. Overseas Syncrude / Canada, Colorado Coal Mines (USA), Jordan Electricity Institutions, Iraqi Electricity Institutions, Nigeria Electricity Institutions, Imtech Vonk, Andritz Hydro are our customers that we serve in their projects.

Can you tell us about the methods and marketing studies that you reach to your customers?


Up until a few years ago, we were targeting our end-users directly in our sales and marketing efforts. In this way, while sales continue, in recent times, by creating dealers through the market to reach them. In particular, we have become more easily accessible to regional markets, project-contracting firms, where we are struggling. Nowadays, the project firms, which prepare specifications for the construction of transformers, have started to take an active role in the sector. We can say that this process is much healthier for both buyers and producers. Appropriate work and purchase of suitable transformers ensure a more accurate determination of investment costs, as well as causing the purchase of transformers from the right manufacturer in the desired quality and specifications.

Can you give us information about your R & D studies?

Transformers are actually very valuable machines for plants and businesses. For this reason, technical details become very important during the purchase; I mean, there's a lot of engineering in it. We continue to work on developing new products with a very good team. We are exploring ways to use transformers more effectively and efficiently; We are trying different materials. We are trying to determine the needs of our customers and industrialists and make designs accordingly; We are carrying out TÜBİTAK projects.

We passed through seismic tests

As is known, many regions in the world, including our country, are under serious earthquake risk. Recently, the importance of this issue was expressed by our project companies and we have done the necessary. Our transformer, which passed the seismic tests successfully, was produced in a way to continue to give energy without any structural disturbance during and after the earthquake. These transformers, which are produced with a special construction design, have been tested in VIRLAB laboratories in Spain and received their certificates. Transformers which have recently passed seismic tests are preferred especially in shopping center, mass housing, hospital and school projects.

Our country is not in a very good condition in terms of electrical tests; however, there is serious mobility in the recent period. Foreign laboratories are looking for options like Turkey to enter the market or partnership. Can you take your assessments on this subject?

Yes, we are well behind the world and Europe in terms of testing laboratories and facilities. I think this is one of the most important shortcomings of our electricity sector. Sending products for testing abroad brings serious loads to manufacturers in terms of time and cost. We think that if we have the same opportunities in our country, we can develop more products, make R & D studies and use our resources more efficiently. Especially the strong export companies, such as ours, need a lot of documentation as a result of these tests. Without these certificates, your chances of accepting your product abroad are not high.


The possibility of international testing laboratories coming to our country is very pleasing. We would like to have our own companies and the money we pay to stay in our country. The fact that foreign investors establish these laboratories will save us considerable time and lower our transportation costs. There will be serious differences between sending transformers to the Netherlands, Germany or Italy and sending them to a home point. At the end of the process we will see what will happen. Even developing countries such as Romania and the Czech Republic have solved this issue for a long time, and we must do so.

Can you get your views on the fair? Have you done something special to this year?

We have been attending WIN fairs for 10 years. Now I can say that the only fair we can participate in the country. It needs to be developed internationally but its international foot. We see the exhibitions as an activity that we have the opportunity to meet with our customers and partners, whom we did not meet frequently. We also have nice interviews with companies that do not know us or have enough information. As you can see, there are very serious producers in the field of electromechanics and electrotechnics. They need to be brought together with both domestic and international clients. I think the fair needs a better preparation process for this purpose. .

LATE but not a positive development

At the fairs, we are working to make our innovations more public. We also have the opportunity to meet with different customer groups; one of them is railways. As you know, there are serious investments in rail systems and high-speed trains in our country in the last period; Maybe we are a bit late as the country, but the next 5-10 is planned to be implemented in the years range of serious projects. As Eltaş, we want to serve our country and take part in our products. The glass-fiber technology we use in production is the most suitable technology to produce high-performance transformers suitable for the desired load classes in rail systems.


The manufacturers of electromechanical industry in our country are highly developed and produce as well as at least European firms. Nevertheless, the cautious and sometimes prejudiced behavior against the domestic producer continues. While we sell transformers to all parts of the world, even the most developed countries, we have difficulty in convincing the buyer in our country. As a local but service to the world, we will continue to work and change this perception. For this purpose, we attach importance to the works supporting the domestic manufacturer of RAYDER (Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists Association). We will make our product demanded in the fast transportation sector as soon as in other sectors and we have started to work on using our product in order to test its performance with a transportation company.

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