Elazığ Municipality has opened a tender for the purchase of asphalt plant

Elazig Municipality has opened a tender for the purchase of asphalt plant. The Municipality of Elazig has opened a tender for the purchase of X 1 pieces of 160 ton / hour asphalt plant machinery E.
Tender 17 May 2013 14: 00 will be held in Elazig Municipality Tender Meeting Hall. 100 30 The properties of the asphalt plant to be purchased within the scope of the tender were determined as follows:
- The units will be the newest and the latest and improved model and will keep the appropriate changes to meet the specifications. Design, materials and workmanship, advanced engineering and manufacturing practices will not be determined by the quality and standards.
- The parts of the unit provided by the Contractor shall be identical in terms of brand, model, type and spare part catalog numbers in all units.
- All warnings and instruction plates that the operator must use on the unit, and so on. It will be printed in Turkish.
- Bidders shall make static calculations of the asphalt plant type and model of the asphalt plant, and the mixer tower, bitumen tanks, filter chimney, aggregate elevator, drier and elephant systems, taking into account the effects of the Eurocode 1 according to the construction safety. they will submit the details of these calculations to the administration together with the proposal
BID Tender Registration No: 2013 / 46941

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