E-Commerce Exploded Traffic Clash Increased

The payment method of shopping sites at the door was a concern to the logistics workers. Consumers who order 3-4 pieces from the same product, buy them at the door after the trial. Consumers sending back other products contribute to the traffic noise in the city. At the E-Commerce Logistics Conference organized by Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, industry representatives asked for solutions for urban logistics.

The Logistics Conference at E-Commerce, organized by the Center for Logistics Applications and Research at Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, brought together leading institutions of e-commerce and logistics industry. The importance of Logistics in E-Commerce, Logistics Threats and Solutions in E-Commerce, Costs of Reducing Costs in the E-Supply Chain and Optimization of Logistics Processes in E-Commerce were discussed.
UTİKAD - International Conference on Transport and Logistics Service Providers, made the opening speech by Turgut Erkeskin, the conference, Prof. Galatasaray University. Dr. Mehmet Şakir Ersoy and Professor of Beykoz Logistics Vocational School. Dr. It was moderated by Okan Tuna.

E-Commerce Traffic Starts in Cities

Logistics and e-commerce sector, made the opening speech of the conference which was attended by key players Turgut Erkeskin today, while noting that the consumer e-commerce to rate expectations shorten the delivery time of the e-commerce's share of expenditure credit cards in Turkey has risen to 10%, this ratio will increase further he said. Increasing number of consumers increased the number of delivery points, the logistics industry to respond to this need to meet the capillaries such as city city, neighborhood neighborhood will spread, more delivery will be made, he said. Erkeskin stated that this means more transportation vehicle traffic and stressed that the deliveries of goods that will occur with the increase of e-commerce in Istanbul will make traffic hurricane inextricable. Erkeskin stated that the need to focus on solutions such as the creation of regional distribution centers or direct delivery from the producer to the consumer should increase the researches about urban logistics.
Women Are Doing Try-Out, Shopping Sites Are Increasing Traffic

Deputy Director of Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics Dr. Okan Tuna "output source of e-commerce products in Turkey Istanbul is a city of 85% rate. And a proportion of these products such as 25 is consumed in Istanbul. This situation can cause significant problems in urban logistics, especially in big cities, especially in Istanbul. Again, the bxnumxc market in Turkey is considered to be a return rate as 2% said the contrary is also faced with an incredibly intense process of logistics activities that can lead to serious problems in terms of logistics. "He said.

Murat Berksun, Deputy General Manager of Aras Holding said: adet Especially female consumers buy 3-4 pieces in different sizes from the same product and apply the test method at the door. He's sending the product back or not. This causes problems such as traffic jams, carbon dioxide emissions. If the e-commerce market will grow in Turkey, especially considering that it will increase the application of bxnumxc this problem will grow further. "He expressed his views saying.

Volume of E-Commerce in Turkey

In his conference speech representatives of the sector, online shopping statistics, e-commerce and e-logistics of the future market volume in trade in Turkey were discussed. One of every five Internet users from online shopping online shopping makes his appeared xnumx's percent of the young generation in Turkey. increased 97 percent of the e-commerce market in Turkey, which is expected to reach 60 billion pounds said.
Among the sector representatives participating in the conference; Index Group General Manager Atila Kayalıoğlu, Hepsiburada.com General Manager of Logistics Gürhan Saatçioğlu, Başarsoft CEO Alim Küçükpehlivan, Aras Holding Executive Vice President Murat Berksun, e-Solutions Platform, General Manager Umur Özkal, GittiGidiyor - eBay Seller Experience Manager - Marketplaces Tolga Eraymanlı, Board Member of Electronic Commerce Sites and Operators Association, Bilginet Executive Vice President Merter Özdemir, Domestic Cargo Service, Cargo Operations Manager Ulaş Kuru is located.



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