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This app will be mandatory.
According to the draft law, the chip plate of the vehicle, the front glass stickers will be sticked to the barcode. The movement of all vehicles on the road with the system can be followed step by step. It is stated that the cost of new plates will be about 20 TL.
According to the news in the newspaper Today; According to the project prepared by the General Directorate of Security, the car license plates will be replaced by those with chips. Lu Crypto ”chip will be attached to the two plates of all vehicles registered to the register and“ barcode lar labels will be attached to the windshields. In the project acak Electronic Vehicle Identification and Vehicle Tracking System ede, the system will operate on the basis of radio frequency identification technology. MOBESE and the General Directorate of Highways security cameras on the highways will be integrated into the system. Thus, the movement of all vehicles on the highways will be followed step by step.
The project, which is expected to be implemented after the adoption of the draft Law on Road Traffic Law, will replace the 17 million 33 bin 413 vehicle license plate. Chip plate system; terrorism, smuggling, public order, such as crimes committed by the perpetrators involved in crimes in a short period of time, resulting in fatal accidents will result in minimizing traffic violations. After the system has been activated, the status of the important persons such as the state elders and the vehicles allocated to the security can be evaluated more easily on the highways. Only the authorized personnel will stick the barcoded labels on the windows of the vehicles.
The label to be glued to the glass will have the chassis number of the vehicles. For safety reasons chip plates will produce the General Directorate of Security. With the project Proje fixed ”plate application will be passed.
The project aims to follow the routes within the country with the label to be attached to the windows of foreign-plate vehicles passing through the customs. The Ministry of Customs and Trade will be consulted on this issue.

Source: gazetevatan


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