E-Mak sells asphalt production plant to Germany

E-Mak of Simge Group sold an asphalt production plant to a company operating in Germany which has a very high standard in road and construction machinery. E-Mak Chairman Nezir Gencer, Germany asphalt plant to sell to the United States as difficult to export cars, he said.
The homeland of the highway sold a Turkish company asphalt plant for the first time in Germany. Developed with the technology of Super GT, which is patented by E-Mak, one of Simge Group companies, the plant will produce the asphalt of the roads around Hamburg. It is stated that selling asphalt plants to Germany, which has the world's largest companies and high standards in road and construction machinery, is as difficult as exporting automobiles to the US.
The asphalt production plant, which E-Mak sells to the German construction company AMW-HTV GmbH for 3 million Euros, was exhibited at the world's largest construction and mining machinery exhibition Bauma in Munich, 3. Super GT, which has the capacity of producing 200 tons of asphalt per hour, has been moved to the fairground with 60 TIR. The stand, where E-Mak exhibited two separate asphalt production facilities, attracted great interest. The company has spent 1,2 million Euros for the fair. On the last day of the fair, the representative key of the asphalt plant was handed over to Peter Stamer, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the German company, the Minister of Transport, Binali Yıldırım and Nezir Gencer.
Nezir Gencer, who gave a speech here, said that a German industrialist experienced in the production of asphalt had the pride of buying a machine from them. Stamer, the Turkish company in the plant, is an indicator of the leap in Germany, he said. Stamer, "This facility will give a very good exam in Germany and E-Mak will take the place it deserves in all of Europe." He said. Minister Binali Yildirim said that the Turks who came to Germany 50 years ago have now become employers. He explained that the commercial connection between Nezir Gencer and Peter Stamer contributed to the Turkish-German friendship.
The Super GT plant, which was developed as a result of E-Mak's years of R & D work, provides 40 fuel savings in asphalt production. The carbon dioxide emission is also decreasing by 50. In older systems, a large amount of dust is released, while the new technology reduces it to zero. The new facility currently used in 20 in Turkey.
In the first three months of this year, the company received more orders than 10. The company also exports to Middle East, Russia, Turkish Republics and African countries. 90 percent of the raw materials used in production which is supplied from Turkey. The company is targeting 2016 million dollars turnover in 250 with the momentum of sales to Germany. The company will have an 2014 production facility in 3 when two new factories are in operation.
Sales of the asphalt production plant to the German company have a different meaning for Nezir Gencer, Chairman of E-Mak Board and his son Emre Gencer. In the 2010 exhibition, another Swiss-based manufacturer sold the asphalt plant it exhibited to a Turkish company and announced it with a large poster. Nezir Gencer said that he was upset that the Turkish company preferred a German company and said “We tried and managed to sell to a German company. Türk Gençer, like his opponent in the fair just above the plant 'sold to AMW-HTV GmbH' sign board was hung.

Source: ZAMAN

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