Dursunbey Balıkesir Divided Road Construction

It has been reported that intercity traffic will be disrupted in Balikesir's Dursunbey district as the blasting will be held at certain hours until the end of the week due to the divided road construction works.
According to the report prepared by the Bursa Regional Directorate of Highways of the Governorate of Balıkesir, the date and time of the blasting of the Dursunbey-Balıkesir split road construction work and the road information were explained as follows;
“During Construction Works of Dursunbey-Balıkesir Road Divided Road with Nr. 230-04; Km: 28 + 000-29 + 000 (Eyüpbükü Village Location) between 16.04.2013-14.30 on 15.30 (Tuesday), 20.04.2013-13.30 on 14.30 (Saturday), Km: 37 + 000-38 + 000 (Karagöz Village Location) Between 17.04.2013-18.04.2013 on 13.30 (Wednesday) and 14.30 (Thursday), Km: 69 + 000-70 + 000 (Dursunbey entrance) between 17.04.2013-14.30 on 15.30 (Wednesday), Km: 27 + 000-28 + 000 (Eyüpbükü Mevkii) on 19.04.2013 (Friday) between 13.30-14.30 hours, Km: 50 + 000-51 + 000 (Akbaşlar Village Location) between 19.04.2013-14.30 on 15.30 (Friday) Since work will be carried out using explosive materials, the existing road will be closed to traffic on the specified dates and times for safety reasons. "

Source: last minute

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