AKUT saved the climber falling from the cliffs in Uludag

İsmail Bulut, member of 58, a member of Istanbul Anatolian Mountaineering Club who came to climb Uludağ, fell from 50 and broke his right ankle.
The area was taken by the AKUT teams from the region and transported by a stretcher for a kilometer.

Istanbul Anatolian Mountaineering Club member İsmail Bulut and 32-year-old Murat Bıçakçı came to Uludağ to climb. Ismail Bulut, who started to climb the cliffs at an altitude of 150 meters in Karçukuru Mevkii, lost his balance and began to roll down 50 meters. The impact of the fall of the right ankle broken Ismail Bulut found next to his friend informed the situation to the gendarmerie. In the meantime, the search and rescue avalanche in the region in the winter search of the AKUT teams wounded İsmail Bulut'a after the first intervention on the stretcher after carrying a mile and then delivered to the gendarmerie teams coming to the scene with snow engines.

The teams took Ismail Bulut to the 112 Emergency Station in the Hotel Zone. Ismail Bulut learned that he was in good condition and he was taken to Istanbul to be treated by his friend.

Source: Liberty



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