Sea Bird Made Its First Expedition

burrulas mermaid
burrulas mermaid

The seaplane, which reduced the distance between Istanbul and Bursa to 18 minutes, made its first flight. The plane, which departs from Istanbul Haliç at 08.30 in the morning, brought 18 passengers to Gemlik Port.

The first flight of the seaplane, launched by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, was carried out from the pier next to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sports Facilities on Kadir Has University Street in Haliç today.


The plane that came from Istanbul at 08.30 in the morning greeted Gemlik residents at Gemlik Port. Among the curious gaze of the citizens, the plane approaching the port made its first flight without any problems. The passengers, who were happy to come to Bursa in a short time from Istanbul, complained about the delay in the first time. Some passengers complained that the plane was 10 minutes late, while others expressed satisfaction.

The first passengers of the sea bird expressed their thoughts as follows: “It is quite comfortable but we have reached 36 minutes. It is fine, the prices are cheap. The service is also very good. We will use it constantly for work, something that everyone should experience. For something different, very safe, very being used abroad, thank you for bringing it to Turkey. We made a trip with the view of Istanbul and Bursa. I hope they bring the continuation, that is, we use it as a long-term transportation vehicle, not a month.


Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy stated that they made the first flight, “It was our first time at 08.30 but there was a 10 minute delay. Our passengers reached Gemlik comfortably. We filled our plane the first time, we had 18 passengers. Today we will have a return flight at 11.00:08.30. In the following days, there will be departure from 09.15 Istanbul, 18.00 Gemlik. In the evening, flights will depart from 18.45 from Istanbul and at 4 from Gemlik to Istanbul. As the demand increases, we can also increase the number of flights. Our aim is to be continuous because 500 years ago, flights were flying from Bursa to Istanbul and were filling up. At that time, the population of the city was under XNUMX thousand. I believe it will fly full in this, our people will get used to it over time. ” he spoke.

Those who want to benefit from the transportation opportunity between Bursa and Istanbul at a price of 100 TL in 18 minutes will be offered by Burulaş. He can get his tickets on his website at 444 99 16.

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