Railway line threatens Topkapi Palace

Railway line threatens Topkapi Palace
Ortaylı stated that the façade of the palace, especially facing the Marmara Sea, had a great risk in a possible earthquake, and warned that the static control of the external walls should be done. Professor Dr. Ortaylı stated that Topkapı Palace should undergo a thorough repair and said: gerekti There are significant damages in the walls, treasury and kitchen area. However, they need a serious budget for their work on repair and durability, Ancak he said.

Ortaylı stated that another threat to the palace is the railway line that passes through Sarayburnu and the route of Marmaray. Da One of the factors affecting the resilience of the palace is the railway line passing through the lower part. The railway needs to be canceled, the route must be changed. There are also many Byzantine pieces under that line Ayrıca.

Source : gundem.milliyet.com.t is

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