Railways and Tudemsas Customizing step by step

Railways and Tudemsas Customizing step by step

Nationalist Movement Party Sivas Province Chairman Kürşad ERGÜN made a statement on the privatization process of the railways and reacted strongly to the privatization steps. At the end of these steps, not only TUDEMSAS, but all the railways will be privatized.

In his statement Ergün stated that kalk Transportation is the motor power of economy, production and country development. For this reason, it is clearly known that any change to be made on the 156 year-old history, experience and experience, cultural infrastructure, mission and vision that it is loaded is in fact privatization. Bu

Claiming that in accordance with the policies envisaged by the global capital, the state monopoly on the railways was tried to be abolished, Ergün said, “The privatization process initiated within TCDD regarding port management and suburban services has accelerated. kazanwill,” he said.

With the arrangements made, the TCDD will take over the multinational companies and the high prices of transportation, both the national economy and the railway service will benefit from the people who will benefit from the services of the Ergun de Ergun cak in the form of a private sector in the world as a sub-structure and train operators is expected to take the role. The UK is trying to re-state the infrastructure to remove the similar practice that it started years ago. İngiltere

In addition, in his statement Ergun said that: inin These practices will separate the employees into classes and lead to a more widespread subcontracting system called arak modern slavery Ayrıca. The expressions '' Makes and Operates '' which are included in the legal regulation studies are the expressions that reveal the secret intention of power. . It makes the way for all works other than railway traffic services in the process of service procurement. Demiryolu

In the statement of Ergun, dev Privatization is in its simplest definition “

In the law, you say that the state monopoly of railways, the freight and passenger transport of the private 50% I say I'm opening the private enterprise, you say you can do infrastructure management, and then come out of this is not privatization!

I ask the members of the press, the ruling party who prepared this law before you?

Who are you fooling?

In response to this question, the lawmakers say that THY will be an example and the TCCD will be like THY. This has been a good example of how TCDD employees will be exposed to danger. Remember that last year more than 300 THY employees were fired from their jobs with the message from their mobile phones.

With the passing of this law, it is certain that the problems that will be experienced throughout the country will be felt more in Sivas. This law is a very heavy blow to the economy of Sivas, which is the key region of the country in railway transportation and which is the center of the railway network from east to west, which has a big factory like TÜDEMSAŞ which has 1000 personnel.

The AKP's Sivas Deputies and Minister said in a statement that Tudemsas will not be privatized. Dear Deputies, Tudemsas privatized all the Railways along with this law. This law is the most damage to a railway city, Sivas, vermek he said.

Source : http://www.sivasmedya.net

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