Railways cannot be opened to capital

Railways cannot be opened to capital
Ali Ekber Çakar, Chairman of the Board of Mechanical Engineers (MMO), said that the Draft Law on the Liberalization of the Railways, which was discussed in the parliamentary sub-committee, was the privatization law.

Çakar stated that they support the kamu rightful demands ili of the Railroad Workers Platform. to be taken out of the public ownership of the whole property, "he said.

Cakar, 155 with an annual history of the structure of the organization-operate, transfer, building operation, transfer of operating rights, such as public-private partnership will open to capital forces through such models. Çakar said that the legal obstacles in front of the construction of all kinds of works and services that complete the railway operation by the KHK have been lifted, and that the project aims to sell the immovables of TCDD and put the employees in a flexible and precarious working form.

Source : evrensel.net

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