What do the iron travelers and health workers tell us?

What do the iron travelers and health workers tell us?
Yesterday iron travelers were on strike; today, from the physician to the subcontractor, health workers on the strike day!
Rail-Work Union and Officer Sen attached to Türk-Is in the railroad strike is not included in the Transportation-Officer Sen, and in the struggle of health-care workers, the Health-Work and Health-Union affiliated to the Health-Work and Officer Sen Of course, this is not a place for the managers of the trade unions, "What is the place" is creating the situation. Because the leaders of these trade unions deserve, pro-union, qualifications for their trade unions. But it can be said that the workers who work in these branches cannot be postponed without a flag against these union administrations. Because the government's policies on health as well as the privatization initiative on railways aim to eliminate not only the interests of the country, the health of the people and the right of transportation, but also the rights of the members of these unions. And the trade unionists who receive their salaries from the dues paid by the workers openly betray the workers and the laborers while serving the capital and the AKP government.
But the problem is not only about the trade unionists in this business. In fact, we are facing a much more serious problem.
1-) The privatization of railways is not the only problem of BTS, TUS and various organizations of railway workers. On the contrary, a continuation of the privatizations so far; the conversion of a service to the public into the area of ​​rent of larger capitalists is the commodification of the public service. Therefore; All labor force, they must also fight against former customize lessons from the defeat of Turkey, particularly by removing the trade unions of all dynamic forces the government to enter the capital of the joint struggle in the face of this policy. For this reason, it is a duty that all labor and democracy forces should keep on the side of the railway laborers and should not be stopped.
2-) Physicians have long been resisting against the government's health policies, in fact an attack against the 75 million ring. In other words, Tes-İş's Petrol-İş, TMMOB, Petrol do members receive health services from other sources? No, of course! For this reason, the only way to get the steps taken by the government to turn health into a commodity that is being taken is to turn the struggle of ”free, quality and accessible health care“ into a common struggle of all labor organizations, trade unions and democratic forces.
These two strikes have reminded us of these responsibilities, and will have a meaning if we have to face our obligation to enter a new position. Otherwise, eler Iron passengers fight well bu, el No one will be as hard-fighting as the healthcareists, sınıf he continued to act as unorganized citizens who applaud the participants from the balcony of his house, let us leave the class struggle, the struggle of the future of humanity, the members of the managers of these organizations, the children, is not fulfilling its most important obligations to grandchildren.
This is a heavy burden on transport!
Well, if we are going to watch, the health worker, the iron passenger to the most applauding support, only two weeks after the 1 May in the field of the common struggle, the unity of the working class, the struggle against the attacks of the capital and the government must be common?
Yes, both the railroad workers and the health workers do their part, and they should do it without looking. Without their struggle, this struggle does not work.
The basic lesson to be drawn from the two-day action is that the iron passengers and health workers call us for a common struggle. There is no other way out of the labor struggle to repel the attacks of capital.

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