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Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's sculpture - Garage T1 tram line for the vehicles to be used in the tender for the tram tender Durmazlar company will deliver the local trams to the Metropolitan Municipality from the end of June. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that with the signed contract, a new era will begin in Bursa's urban transportation, and 6 world-class domestic trams will operate on the Sculpture - Garaj tram line.

In order to make Bursa a 'brand city her in every field, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out projects that will carry the city to the future, started to collect the fruits of their labor. Metropolitan Mayor Recep which received the pre-election and post-election agenda Altepe'ye immediately began the work of Turkey's first indigenous tram, imagine being out, it has become a tool browsing on rails. Under the supervision of the Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar The domestic tram, which was produced by the company and received all the production documents 2 months ago, participated in the tram tender opened by the Metropolitan Municipality. By giving the most suitable offer, kazanan Durmazlar The company will start to deliver the 6 tram that will be purchased by the Metropolitan Municipality as of the end of June. The newly purchased vehicles will be used in the Sculpture-Garage tram line, which is under construction by the Metropolitan Municipality.

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Greater Municipality Durmazlar Before the tram agreement made between Turkey's first indigenous tram company was introduced to the press Burulaş the test track. Mayor Recep Altepe and Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, the owner of the company, participated in the ceremony, press members and guests took a short tour of the local tram. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that city tram lines are a dream of Bursa over 100 years, and that they are entitled to realize this dream. Knit network with the iron center of the city continued to work quickly voicing President Altepe, "can be produced in the railway system of Turkey means whereby we can tell abroad to prevent the outflow of resources did not believe anyone. Our consultant Taha Aydın was guided by our industrialists in this regard and the company that responded to our demands proved itself in this field with a strong R & D center which is the world company in machine production. Durmazlar company. They produced the first prototype vehicle in as little as two years and received 2 production certificates for world-class vehicles a month ago. They were the most appropriate bid for the tender we opened. The process was completed last week, and today we are signing a contract. The trams that will bring great comfort to the urban transportation and which do not cause noise and air pollution will be used in the Sculpture-Garage tram line this summer. The 6 trams we purchased will begin to be delivered by the end of June. I congratulate our company that performs such a production and gives the most suitable offer in the tender. I believe that Bursa will set an example for other cities with these vehicles. ”
President Altepe, about a 6 km or even 6 vehicles will work and a thousand meters per vehicle will be stating, with the 2-3 wait time with a seamless and will be provided in a serial manner, he added.

We even made our first export

producing Turkey's first indigenous tram Durmazlar Huseyin Durmaz company has also experienced the happiness of realizing Turkey's vehicle production in an industry where 210 years late, he said. Is it okay when they start the project? can't? Durmaz expressed that they were very excited, “All our young friends from physics engineers to software engineers in our team worked with great enthusiasm. A new sector is emerging in our country. In order to implement such a project, an investment of 50 million euros is required, but we have realized the production with an investment of 20 million euros with the accumulation of years we have in the machinery sector. We have taken a significant distance in a short time. The French company Alstom, which builds Italy's high-speed trains, decided to have us build the main bodies of high-speed trains. 7 made our first export in April. While these vehicles are sold to 2 million 200 thousand Euros, we sell 1 million 599 thousand Euros with domestic production. The locality of this vehicle is between 49 and 51, but soon all will be domestic. My late father Ali Durmaz said, 'If I were 40, I would build a car factory.' We, as his sons, did not produce 4-5 person-carrying cars but 250 person-carrying trams. I hope the next generation of us will produce space shuttle. ”
After the tram introductory meeting with the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe at Hilton Hotel Durmazlar The owner of the firm, Hüseyin Durmaz, signed a contract for the local tram tender.

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