Bursa cares about tram

The tram blinked my light!
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Bursa cares about tram.
Although different opinions and criticisms are mentioned with the political and technical dialects, urban people want transportation to be easy and economical.
The light rail system named BursaRay, despite its high capacity, can only serve with the highways of the city.
The fact that transportation is provided by the northern and southern neighborhoods of the city constitutes interest and expectation for tram application.
On the Cumhuriyet Avenue, the first step of the urban tram line was transformed due to the extension of the İncirli.
In the southeastern part of Yildirim, where the densely populated population live, tram requests intensified since last year.
Metropolitan Municipality, the line extended to Incir'l, 2. stage application will be extended until the Yediselviler'e announced.
In public transportation, there was a progressive gospel.
With the double decision taken in the Metropolitan Municipality Council, the process which will provide tramway transportation to the east of Yıldırım district was taken. Top-scale zoning plan changes were made to extend the tram line to Siteler by Tayyareci Mehmet Ali Street and Selçukbey Street route.
CHP sözcüSü Osman Ayradilli argued that unplanned and unstable implementation decisions were made in the tram policy, which started to be implemented as a new method in the rail system.
President Recep Altepe stressed that the expectations of the public are great and very eager in the service policy of rail system.
Lightning district, a very important area in the tram service will be taken announced. Taking into account the existing working environments in an urban integrity, he said that the project will be started with a certain time period.
Le But the people want it! Karşı said Altepe, surprised by the critical approach of the CHP to the tram opening. Ayradilli stated that they were not opposed to rail transportation, but were challenged in planning management.

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