Why Eskişehir can not produce while producing tram in Bursa

Why Eskişehir can not produce while producing tram in Bursa
Speaking at the AK Party provincial counseling meeting, Odunpazarı Mayor Burhan Sakallı said that the country went through one of the most important points in the history regarding the solution process. Bearded, '' Our country is experiencing an important breaking point. I was 1984 years old in 22 when the terrorist organization carried out its first action. I was just a teenager who was about to finish university. I am 51 years old today. For 30 years, this country had to struggle with something called terrorism, and in this 30 years we spent 300 billion dollars in this country in order to dry the terrorism and to end it. yet the whole Turkey's exports last year, according to figures from the $ 135 billion we thought it was, in fact you can guess from here that the country's fight against terrorism, how big an opportunity to use it. Yesterday I asked our Minister, "How much does a High Speed ​​Train (YHT) cost?" He said that there are 1,5 billion dollars between Ankara and Eskişehir and 3,5 billion dollars between Eskişehir and Istanbul. In other words, if you think that the construction of Ankara-Istanbul YHT railway costs 5 billion dollars, how many YHT lines do we build for 300 billion dollars? We spent not only human resources but also the economic resources of this country in terrorism for 30 years. More precisely, to be able to eliminate terrorism, to dry terrorism, to fight terrorism. Mayors came, deputies came, Ministers came, governments came, chiefs of general staff and commanders of forces with different opinions. There was no result. Now, thank God that during this period, we are given the opportunity to dry terrorism and end terrorism. Therefore, we stand behind our dear prime minister, our government, our ministers in their struggle against terrorism until the end. Because peace is not to forget the past, but to remember the future. We have not forgotten the past, we do not forget, but we remember more than ten of this country and this nation. Terror will end in this country in a short time, if God gives it. ''

Burhan Sakallı said that Eskişehir has great structural problems and added, söyleyen Eskişehir has big structural problems. There is a metropolitan municipality in Bursa. There is also a metropolitan municipality in Eskişehir. In Eskişehir, there is a factory called TÜLOMSAŞ. It was founded by the late Sultan Abdülhamit in 1893 years. Almost an annual facility in 125. For a period of time, a thousand people worked in TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir. At that time, the population was around 7 thousand. There is such a facility. This facility 100 made the first Turkish car Revolution in the month, 8 made the first Turkish diesel locomotive in the year. With such a facility, this city makes the tram in Austria. There is no TÜLOMSAŞ in Bursa, there is no revolution, light rail systems are built in Bursa although they have no experience and experience. While TÜLOMSAŞ can not produce its own tram when it is, how can Bursa produce it? Eskişehir structural problems, I mean it, '' he said.

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