Bursa T1 line Trolley due to tramway work

Bursa T1 line Trolley due to tramway work
Altıparmak Avenue is very confused, chaotic! .. Trams will be nice when the result of the work started due to the tram line, but until the end of the process is a long process ahead. Street residents and shopkeepers give God the convenience. At the beginning of the week I read a full 65 square (I did not read wrong, full sixty-five frames in writing) I took a photo. Choose it like it!

In the images, Altiparmak's alak state is determined. An encyclopedia (!) About these photos and complaints will be prepared.
Inevitable; our place is limited, as I chose the watermelon to publish in my corner, but I liked the two images. Let me read my complaints:
I'm a shopkeeper with work on Altıparmak Avenue. Not only me but all the trades are in a very difficult situation.
As it is known, the construction of the tram line in progress has paralyzed this most important main street of our city.
Things don't end, they can't be done. Every day on our street, another place is excavated, opened up, not even walking on street sidewalks.
When the situation is in this center, our people can come to the workplaces on this street and how can they shop? .. There are only those who are willing to take this trouble for the exchange.

We do not say that the residents of Altiparmak do not have a tram. No misunderstandings. When things are done, of course, beauty will be revealed.
We want to; immediately after the work started in a certain place in the construction of the line, the repairs needed immediately. At least our people can easily walk on the sidewalks.
You can post a photo of me to a relative on the street, and Mr. Büyükşehir Bld. I'm sending authorities to make us heard.
From the economic point of view, everyone is troubled and God will ease all of us. Anyway, can we say another?

Source: Erdal ABI - http://www.bursahakimiyet.com.tr



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