Bursa Starts to Produce High Speed ​​Train Parts

Bursa Starts to Produce High Speed ​​Train Parts
Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they achieved great success by producing the local tram, and that the parts of the high-speed train started to be produced in Bursa.

Explaining that the local tram will be on Bursa streets in the near future, Altepe said that they will take the tram to the Terminal, and the serial production of the local tram has started in Bursa.
President Altepe stated that it was decided to expand the tram lines even in the big cities of America. Emphasizing that modern transportation will meet with Bursa, Altepe said that winning local vehicles' rail system auctions is an advantage for Bursa. Turkey and the rail system Altepe attention for the world, "the rail system should be encouraged everywhere. It is important for us that our domestic vehicles will travel for the first time in Bursa and that the first application in this regard will be made in Bursa. After 3 months, trams will start to return on the streets of Bursa. In addition, domestic trams are going to tender. Trams produced in Bursa will travel on Bursa streets and experts from all over the world will come to Bursa and examine these trams. Foreigners will see this place as Turkey's trams. Bursa will be the center of the rail systems. ”

Pointing out that there is a 22 kilometer rail system network in the history of the municipality, Altepe said that they have installed a 4 km rail system in the last 26 years. Emphasizing that Bursa will be one of the first cities that come to mind when it comes to the rail system, Altepe said, “Mass production of trams started in Bursa. Bursa's vehicles are being built right now. On the one hand, tram and subway wagon production certificate, while on the other hand, high-speed train manufacturing was started. At the moment, the walking gear of the high speed train started to be produced in Bursa. Mass production will begin this month. Turkey has become the central objective of the rail system, and we succeeded, "he said.

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