BUDO 100 surpassed thousand passengers

Founded by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to provide comfortable and economical transportation between Bursa and Istanbul, BUDO's 100 thousandth passenger was Gökay Yakın who was 1.

BURSA - Bursa Metropolitan Municipality by Bursa - Istanbul between the comfortable and economic transportation to provide a comfortable and economical transportation BUDO'nin 100 thousandth passengers, today from Istanbul, Xnumx-year-old Gökay Nearby, was welcomed with flowers in Mudanya.

Bursa Sea Bus Operations (BUDO) established by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality within the body of BURULAŞ, citizens, Bursa and Istanbul between the comfortable, high quality and economic transportation benefits. By the end of this month, BUDO, which aims to reach 100 thousand passengers, reached its target before the end of April. Mayor Recep Altepe welcomed the thousand passengers of BUDO's 100 with flowers at Mudanya BUDO Pier. Together with his mother Ayşe Yakın and his father Serdar Yakini, Bhat visited the 11.30-year old Gökay Yakin from Istanbul who came to Bursa and came to Bursa. He said that BUDO had become the center of attention of citizens in a short time.

“We exceeded our goal“
UM 24 started its voyage in January, 3. 100 reached its thousandth passenger today. We're over our target. We aim to carry the hundreds of thousands of passengers throughout the summer and provide the best service. Yaz
President Altepe, Bursa and Istanbul on the demands of citizens who started their voyages and BUDO's attention in a short period of time, the need to increase voyages, he added.

Ayşe Yakın, mother of Gökay Yakın, stated that they are very pleased with BUDO and said: ifade I think BUDO is a very important application especially for families with children. It provides easy access to Istanbul from Bursa in a short time. Many thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality and President Recep Altepe Büyük.


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