4 Turkish died in terrible accident in Brussels

Terrible accident in Büksel 4 Turks died. The car with 4 Turkish young people in Brussels crossed the bridge barriers and flew to the lower road. 4 Turkish young people in the vehicle lost their lives.

Uğur Bayındır (10), registered as the population of Ankara Haymana, one of the young people in an open car, who broke down the barriers and dropped the lower road from a height of 22 meters after the driver lost control on the Van Praet bridge in Brussels, Zübeyr Başak (20) and Hakkı Vataj, a Balkan Turk (20) at the scene; Kadir Gemici (20), who was taken out of the vehicle with serious injuries, died in the Schaerbeek hospital where he was taken.


The police announced that the car used by the young people was fast and flew over the bridge without even braking at the time of the accident. It was reported that no other vehicle was involved in the accident. It was learned that young people playing football at amateur Turkish clubs in Brussels went to the movies together.

Source: evening



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