'Come one by one' warning from the court

The court said 'come one by one' to the Chambers that filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of the 3rd Bridge to be built on the Bosphorus. Architects, Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, Construction, Machinery, Forestry, Agriculture, Electricity and Agricultural Engineers Chambers of TMMOB, He had applied to the Court for the cancellation of the third Bosphorus bridge planned to be built in Istanbul. In the joint lawsuit they opened nine chambers, Istanbul applied to the 2nd Administrative Court for the cancellation of the decision of "Northern Marmara Highway, Istanbul Province Pendik Kurtköy Connection Master Zoning Plan Amendment", which is the basis for the bridge construction.
The Istanbul 2nd Administrative Court, which discussed the annulment application, made an interesting decision. While the court rejected the petition without meeting, the plaintiff asked the chambers to open a case "separately". In its decision on the subject, the court stated that “A separate action is filed against each administrative act. In order for more than one person to file a lawsuit with a joint petition, the plaintiffs must participate in their rights and interests and the material events or legal reasons leading to the lawsuit must be the same ”.
The rooms rejected from the beginning of the cancellation application for the third bridge did not appeal for the relevant decision. In order not to prolong the process, the Chamber of Architects, Chamber of Urban Planners and Chamber of Agricultural Engineers opened a new case for the third bridge.


Source: Evening

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