Do a Marmaray to Izmir Bay!

📩 27/11/2018 15:41

Having been a consultant to giant engineering companies around the world for 30 years, Assoc. Dr. Isfendiyar Egeli, Izmir's Karşıyaka He said that the 7-meter pass, which is planned to be built between and Balçova districts, should be built in the tube crossing system as in the Marmaray Project. İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE) Faculty Member Egeli, who finds the project in the form of a suspension or suspension bridge extremely inconvenient, suggested that the rocky area at the bottom of the sea is 580 meters deep, and if there is a bridge, it will sink slowly every year because its feet will remain in space.

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is preparing a feasibility report for the passage planned to be built within the scope of the Izmir Highway and Railroad Bay Crossing Project (IZKARAY), which includes mega projects within the AK Party government's promise of '35 Izmir, 35 Projects'.

Evaluating the subject, Assoc. Dr. Egeli stated that the ministry is still unable to make a decision, and that half of the authorities are standing on the tunnel, half on the suspended or suspended bridges. However, defending that the entire project should be an immersed tunnel like Marmaray, Egeli said that there would be two major risks in bridges and described it as 'unacceptable'.

Noting that the prefabricated units of the immersed tunnel will work with pressure, Egeli continued as follows: “Since it will be connected to the junctions on both sides, these points will be in the form of a linear line. This will provide the best protection against an earthquake measuring 7 on the Richter scale and the waterproofing of the tunnel during the earthquake. The same is true for bridges. "


Stating that cement injection improvements should be made under the tube passage system as in Marmaray, İsfendiyar underlined that it will be the most suitable solution in terms of earthquake resistance and the cheapest cost since at least five ventilation shafts will be built. Noting that there will be many disadvantages if half of the immersed tunnel and the Çiğli side are suspended or suspended bridges, Egeli said, “Considering that the immersed tunnel is approximately 15 meters below the sea bottom in the south and 15 meters below the sea level, the bridges are at least 70 meters above sea level. Since the maximum rail slope of the metro line in the middle is 100 percent (world standard) in order to close the 2,5-meter difference in elevation, it is necessary to build a ramp island with a length of at least 4 kilometers between the tunnel immersed in the middle of the Izmir Bay and the bridge. This causes the inner Gulf to fill rapidly and is not acceptable. In this case, it requires a 7,6 kilometer Gulf wide 2 kilometer immersed tunnel in the south and a 1,6 kilometer long bridge in the north. " said.


Stating that the depth of Izmir Bay is not much, but the depth of the rock is different, Assoc. Dr. Egeli said, “It is known from DLH offshore drillings that the depth of bedrock at the Ataşehir Junction (in front of Çiğli Kipa) is around 250-280 meters. Piles will definitely be driven under the piers of both suspension bridges and suspension bridges. Even if the longest pile is 100 meters, they will remain suspended above the bedrock and in earthquakes they will be further buried in the ground. Even if improvements are made around the piles and the area of ​​the bridge piers, the risk of large subsidence in the piles is very high. The situation is even worse, as rope anchors are also a problem in the suspension bridge. " He spoke in the form.

"Sinking Tunnel is both cheap and safe"

A tunnel like Marmaray Project is less costly. Egeli says that the immersed tunnel is estimated to be 3,6 billion dollars, the suspension bridge is 3,8 billion dollars and the suspension bridge option is calculated as 4,8 billion dollars cost.

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