Letter of a railroad worker

Letter of a railroad worker
We are now experiencing the same problems as workers in trade union terms or today and past governments. The reason for this is that we are attracting not only the unions of our day with the government.

For example; a newly hired worker friend must be a member of the union. Because if you are not a member, you get a salary from the minimum wage. If the union is not a member, the worker cannot benefit from the collective bargaining agreement. He has to entrust himself to TÜRK-İŞ since he is new to the job and he can no longer defend himself. Workers feel that they have to go after those who use the union as a union network. Because all the social, trade union and job security of the worker is being provided by the union. In any case, it is clear that there is no union to seek the rights and the law of the worker. In the last decade, Türk-İş has not done anything good for the workers. He has completely enacted collusion with the government and enacted the laws, which are not in the best interest of the workers.

In the context of the railway and business and the government, where we are members, everything is milk port. Because the process of privatization ahead of us is fast. Our trade union against privatization has not made any explanations. And as it does not explain, it also advocates privatization. Our union has never decided to strike. For example, we started the process of collective agreement of public workers. Our union on more collective bargaining agreements has not explained what we want and what it will receive. Our union has already accepted the demands of the government. They frighten the railway workers with bread and work. That is why we are unable to make workers sound unionist and have to accept everything that is given.

We do not think that workers who are unionized with the dues of workers will be able to defend our rights with the unionism. Let's push the union for the April anti-privatization strike already in 16, and we don't expect the workers to come to us.

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