Bayındır Train Station with Historic Locomotive Hangar Cafeteria

Bayındır Train Station with Historic Locomotive Hangar Cafeteria
Bayindir, has a new area of ​​social reinforcement. The restoration works at the historical hangar, which is located in the south of the Bayindir Train Station, owned by TCDD, came to a halt.

The restoration work started in 1881 in the administrative building of the Bayındır Train Station and the hangar next to it, as a result of the efforts of Mayor Mehmet Kertiş in 2012 before the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım and the 3rd Regional Directorate of TCDD.

6 2012 restoration works were started in the hangar in November. 800 wedding, meeting room and cafeteria to serve as the garden landscape arrangements were made in the hangar, the steamer on the rail made specifically for the garden and coal wagon was placed.

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All the technical work of the hangar, which is covered with glass on both sides, is finished. The garden landscaping works of the hangar, which has been passed to Bayındır Municipality with the protocol made with the 3rd Regional Directorate of TCDD, are carried out by the Municipality Park Gardens unit.

TCDD to be exhibited in the garden of Hangar 3 requested from the Regional Directorate of the steam locomotive was brought to the flourishing days of April 5. The steam locomotive was put together with a coal wagon on a special railway built in the hangar garden as a result of one hour of work. The steam locomotive and coal wagon, built in 1929, that needs to be restored, will be restored on site by TCDD teams.

Mayor of Bayındır, Mehmet Kertiş, made a statement about the restoration of the hangar and said, “We will send our historical train station and 2 hangars to Bayındır as a social reinforcement area. kazanWe asked for support from Binali Yıldırım, our Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. They supported this project as well as the double road and many other projects. I would like to thank our Minister Binali Yıldırım and our 3rd Regional Directorate of TCDD. Our hangar next to the train station will start to serve Bayındır and Küçük Menderes during the festival. We will put our other hangar, together with its historical steam locomotive, into the service of our people as soon as possible.”


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