Balçova cable car from the top of the

Balçova cable car from the top of the
One of the Tesis unfortunate ova assets of Izmir is the Balçova Teleferik Facilities.
The land of Basmane, where 30 has not been linked for years and eventually becomes a “frog lake Tıp,
Bozdağ Ski Facilities, where millions of TL of private administration fly away,
Urla İçmelerlike Urtur Facilities and many others de
Balçova Teleferik Facilities, which started over a period of more than 40 years, was a giant complex in the hotel building, which is currently used as the University of Economics. Social facilities on the hill reached by cable car, rural coffeehouses, picnic areas, a restaurant with a view of Izmir all over the front and more.
I had the opportunity to go to the lift once.
That's the 12 years ago O
I thought Izmir was very lucky to have such an opportunity.
Its operation and order were given to Tansas, the property of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
Lose what you get olan
Everything from the barbecue to the snack food, from the restaurant to the cafes is all over the place.
Hundreds of offspring families were enjoying the open air, the abundant oxygen, the clean environment, the clean and cheap food that the mountain top could rely on.
Not extended; then the order is broken. Chamber of Mechanical Engineers on the “ropeway sanitary report ats it was decided to renew the 8 years ago.
From the last photos taken from the ropeway, now it looks like a castle of horror.
Let me tell you how this period passed, the bureaucratic dilemmas, which article of the law do not enter, how this country's money is ruined;
How can a country have so many ç constant needs ta laws? How well-intentioned is this?
It is as if a rush has been rushed for most use, and as it is a job to remove it, the law, which contradicts one another, has returned to the landfill.
Every good thing you want to do is standing in front of someone Yap
For example; currently in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality company Izelman and 650 workers are in danger of losing their jobs. Nobody can remove the stone, which the ruler of which he instructs kan take out am of his purpose, throws a stone in a well by a law which the lawmakers do not understand by the fingers they lifted.

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