Project of the Century

Project of the Century
Marmaray, shown as the project of the century, is approaching the end. The 29 project, in which the rough construction is finished, comes into service in October. Marmaray officials, the main lines of the project completed the world's deepest immersed in the tube tunnel, noted.

Marmaray, which was shown as the project of the century, came to an end. The project, which was first thought by Sultan Abdülmecit, is planned to be put into service on October 29. With the project that will connect the two sides of the Bosphorus Halkalı and a modern and high capacity suburban railway system between Gebze and Gebze.

While the rough construction ended in the project, the stations started to appear. Escalators are installed in their places, the tiles are made of tiles. The rails connecting the two continents were fully fitted. There was no obstacle for the wagons to go on the rails.

The railway lines on both sides of the Bosphorus were connected to each other by a railway tunnel connection that would pass under the Bosphorus. The line will go underground in Kazlıçeşme; the new underground stations, Yenikapı and Sirkeci, will pass under the Bosphorus and another new underground station will be connected to Üsküdar and Söğütlüçeşme will surface again. With the project Gebze - Halkalı between 105 minutes, Bostancı - Bakırköy between 37 minutes, Üsküdar - Sirkeci between 4 minutes.

The most curious and interesting point of the project is the immersed tube tunnel built under the Bosphorus. The 1 km-long tunnel, for which approximately 1.4 million cubic meters of sand, gravel and rock is extracted, consists of 11 fragments. The pieces carefully placed in the ditch that opens to the seabed, combine at a depth of 60 meters. The project also has the title of the world's deepest immersed tube tunnel.

The entire new and improved railway system will be approximately 76 kilometers long. The project, with the main structures systems, immersed tube tunnel, drilling tunnels, open-close tunnels, level structures, 3 new underground station, 36 aboveground station, maintenance facilities, a new third line to be built on the ground, the improvement of existing lines, completely new electric and mechanical systems consist of 4 parts, which will cover the modern rail vehicles to be supplied.

The project is designed as an earthquake resistant 7,5. An emergency exit at the 200 meter.

Stating that the point where the immersed tubes began to be minus 42 meters, Murat Çoban, the Director of Occupational Safety Coordination, said: Manufactured in dry pools. One of them is 135 meters and 18 thousand tons. Later, a leak test was performed in Büyükada. Came by buoyancy ships. 11 consists of parts. The last 2 piece is in different sizes..

Stating that there is a fire protection coating on the surfaces, Shepherd said, kaplama Coating to prevent damage of component parts. Uskudar Station and Sirkeci have closure caps. In the event of an earthquake, the covers are closed and the seawater is prevented from overflowing. There are fire barriers, smoke barriers. When the train arrives, it closes that point and ensures that no poisonous gas reaches the station..

Reminding that they have attracted attention from all over the world, Shepherd said, “Governors, universities, consulates, people who are assigned to the investment of other governments are coming. The two continents are now united. The tunnel is completely opened. Rough construction work is over. Fine work in progress. 29 is scheduled to open in October. Rail lines are installed. ”

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