Ankaraya Teleferik Dream and Unbearable

Teleferik to Ankara Dreamy and Unreasonable: The first public transport cable car to be built in Ankara from the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects reacted strongly. The Chamber described the project as "an imaginative and irrational project" and said, "God should not leave anyone on the cable car hanger of the Metropolitan Municipality."

At a press conference organized by the Chamber of Architects, he evaluated the ropeway project in Ankara. Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch Chairman Ali Hakkan, Yenimahalle Municipality and criticized the Municipality of Çankaya. Hakkan t We analyzed the cable car. Urban transport can not be a vehicle of the ropeway. Lonely Metropolitan Municipality is determined to be the main transportation plan with Gazi University on one hand, and on the other hand it is starting the ropeway project by itself. His deal with Gazi is in vain.

The cost of the lift is not explained. The cheapest cable car in the Gondola style makes 12 million dollars cost per kilometer. They call it a project that supports an alternative, not an alternative. Metropolitan Municipality met with Çankaya and Yenimahalle Municipality. Çankaya and Yenimahalle Municipalities have given appropriate opinion. They're supporting the ropeway project. Yenimahalle and Çankaya Municipality has done what the analysis "is appropriate," he said, we are very curious. We know that the Metropolitan Municipality is trying to put a cable car stop on Güvenpark. Çankaya Municipality says this is appropriate? Besides, he's a planner Mayor. There is no such example of public transportation in the world, a very interesting example. Imaginary and irrational project. Think of the 106 moving cabin system in the city. A project should not harm the city financially and visually, Bir he said.

”May Allah not leave anyone in the cable car of the Metropolitan Municipality“

Kamu The initiation of dozens of litigated ropeway processes is meaningless and public waste. Because it is costly, it cannot explain its cost. The transport system is a whole. It is done according to the whole. He's talking about a complementary project. He can't talk about complementarity. Transportation is done according to a plan.

Reduction of the city center of Kizilay, slowing of the bicycle axles to bring the main transportation plans can be. A transportation plan that does not pollute nature at the same cost and compatible with nature can be designed. The fact that a mayor is shaping the resources of the public according to his own head without making any analysis is unfair to our taxes and the capital. It is not possible to build a ropeway system that will carry 4800 per hour at a low cost. Melih Gokcek did not finish the metro in 18 years and he will finish the Yenimahalle - Şentepe cable car immediately. 200 wagon constantly 106 meter height and says it will come, God will not leave anyone at the height of 200 meters of cable cars from the Metropolitan Municipality yükseklik.

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