Spring Cleaning in Ankara Tunnels

Akay Junction tunnels, especially in the capital of the lower crossings in the lower half of the flow of traffic starting in the middle of the morning continues until the morning hours.
For this purpose, the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Urban Aesthetics eti spring cleaning traf was carried out by a large number of teams at the Akay Underpass, which is in the state of Ankara's traffic lock.
In the Akay Underpass, the City Esthetics Department teams, which eliminate the dirt created during the winter months with a large number of ası shock cleaning da methods, tried the ”Tunnel Washing Machine leri for the first time in the Akay Underpass tunnels. The new cleaning machine, which provides great savings in time and water, enables the cleaning process to be completed in a short time by using the skill of the staff.
In Akay Underpass, the traffic schedule is reduced to a single lane, and the scheduled program starts at 00.30 on the scheduled day and lasts until the morning. If the process cannot be completed, the cleaning is continued the next day at the mirror hours. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality City Aesthetics Department Washing and Cleaning Department with the planned cleaning of the 5 team, Akay Underpass tunnels were bright.
The Geç Tunnel Washing Machine inin entered the inventory of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in 2013 for the first time was used for cleaning Akay Underpasses and gave great advantages to the teams. Teams using the kaldır Tunnel Washing Machine mon with great skill have removed the carbon monoxide impurities on the surfaces of the tunnels with detergent and brush cleaning.
The arak Tunnel Washing Machine ekonomik, which is used by well-trained personnel, saves time and effort, while also significantly reducing water use and providing both environmental and economic benefits.
It was stated that the t Tunnel Washing Machine de used in Akay Underpass will be used in other underpasses and tunnels after Akay Junction.

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