Ankara Sincan Suburban line turns to snake story

Ankara Sincan Suburban line turned into a snake story. Ankara's suburbs have literally turned into "urban legends". Uncertainty in commuter train operations continues. Suburban trains, which have an important place in public transportation in the capital, have not been working for a long time. In areas where suburban lines do not work, there is a transportation ordeal. This situation disrupts the traffic flow of the city.

Sincan, Etimesgut, Mamak Districts sitting in the suburban train and the suburban railway think about the land.

To relieve the capital's rail and road traffic Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), conducted by 'BAŞKENTRAY Project' with Ankara Sincan suburb line 'continuing uncertainty in the. It was stated by TCDD that it was closed "until a second notification" due to the work of "Yeni Çiftlik Boulevard" and "Başkentray" project on the west side of Ankara since 1 August 2011. Although it has been a long time since this announcement, it is not clear when the Sincan-Kayas flights will start.

Citizens living in areas where suburban lines are not working are suffering from transportation suffering. Citizens who wanted to finish the work of the Sincan-Kayaş suburban line, which overtook the city's traffic flow, reacted with the words çalış The suburbs in Ankara became an urban legend Şehr. Passengers in Sincan and Etimesgut districts, which have a significant part of the population of Ankara, complain about the inadequacy of buses.


İsmail Yalçın, who lives in Sincan, said, “We have not been able to use the suburban train for a long time. We were victims due to this situation. Sincan-Kayaş line could not be completed in any way, it is not clear when it will be built. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality should increase the bus services as soon as possible. He wants the State Railways to start the train service. ”

Mahmut Alaterik, living in Ankara, but the city's center of trouble, said they were experiencing. Alaterik said, “In the suburban station only a long road train is operating. Occasionally the Kirikkale train is coming. It draws all the citizenship. Buses are also concentrated. We're being tortured on the way to work. All of these problems stem from the early end of the studies. We want the work to end as soon as possible Çalış.

The official website of TCDD did not announce the following: Station and platform will reach subway standard. 110 million passengers are planned to be transported annually in the project.

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