Ankara-Istanbul YHT project claims shock about the opening date

Ankara-Istanbul YHT project claims shock about the opening date
It is claimed that Ankara-Istanbul YHT line will not be available on 29 October 2013 on a website that publishes sectoral news about railways.

The website, which uses the expression “We provide definitive proof that the high-speed train line will not be opened on October 29,” said the tender made by TCDD on 16 April and the certification processes for some parts of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line were tendered. The following statements were made on the site:


“On April 16, TCDD will tender the Inönü-Köseköy high-speed train line for its infrastructure, superstructure, electrification and signalization systems to be certified by independent organizations. Considering that tendering processes can take up to 1 year in high speed train projects, it is a small possibility that this tender will be concluded in a short time. However, by revealing our goodwill, we can say that the tender will be concluded in a short time and the actual start of the works will take place within this year. The duration determined for these works in the tender specifications is 365 days, ie 1 year. Therefore, the work planned to start this year will end in the second half of 2014 at the earliest. It is not possible to make such a choice because it is likely that opening a line will be problematic in terms of safety before the certification works are concluded. This can be concluded that there is absolutely no opening on October 2 and even an opening is not possible for this year. ”


On the other hand, TCDD officials stated that the certification processes cover the processes before and after the operation. Noting that the independent agency that will receive the tender will continue its control operations before and after the YHT line is put into service, the officials said that YHTs will go on a trip with a prequalification certificate, which is the normal procedure. Giving the information that the same process was also implemented on the Ankara-Konya YHT line, TCDD officials noted that there was no situation that would delay the launch of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line on 29 October.

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