Ankara Eskişehir Line Section will be sprayed

📩 27/11/2018 15:49

Ankara Eskişehir Line Section will be sprayed
Due to human and animal health hazards, citizens should be careful hayvan

TCDD will be engaged in the fight against weeds between 40-16 April 19 at 2013 km area between Ankara and Ankara.

According to this; 16, Ankara-Sincan, 17 in the Xcore Plant, 18 in Ankara-Eskisehir, 19 Eskişehir-Ankara garage in the field of harmful chemicals to be dried in the chemical pest will be applied.

Since the drugs used in the struggle have an impressive feature of human and animal health, it is strongly announced that citizens should be careful, do not graze their animals and do not harvest grass between April 10 - May 10, 1 on the specified spraying route and in the lands within 2013 meters.

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