The Good News of the Cable Car from the Mayor of Amasya Özdemir

📩 24/11/2018 12:04

The Good News of the Cable Car from the Mayor of Amasya Özdemir
Amasya Mayor Cafer Özdemir, the feasibility study on the establishment of a cable car system in the city center announced.

Özdemir, who welcomed the tourism operators in the province due to the Tourism Week, said ini Our feasibility study on the ropeway continues. I hope he will be implemented in our city as soon as possible, '' he said.

In addition to the ropeway project, where the details of the project, as well as the project of inflating Yeşilırmak, has been discussed in the province for a long time, parking, cultural center, indoor sports hall, swimming pool, hall building, Ferhat and Şirin Museum, Özdemir said, gel Our projects related to inflating the river have been completed. We work with a good company. The feasibility is over. Detail projects were also drawn. We signed a preliminary protocol with the State Hydraulic Works and received support from the development agency. We applied to get the contribution of approximately 6 million pounds through the projects we call the Guided Project from the Central Black Sea Development Agency. It will be completed in a few months. If there is no set-up, we are now in the tender for construction towards the end of this year. About 2 in the year to finish and in the coming period, we miss the river-water games we all watch together, Yaklaşık he said.

Mayor Özdemir, Deputy Governor Hakan Kılınçkaya, Chief of Police Cemil Bayazıt, Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Ahmet Kaya, Deputy Mayor Cengiz Erdem, Tourism Association President A. Suad Akcan and the owners of tourism establishments attended the dinner and said that as a municipality they give importance to publicity activities.

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