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📩 27/11/2018 16:07

UTİKAD President Turgut Erkeskin told the Turkish logistics sector at the meeting in Bremen
UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, Turkish-German Trade Network and Germany Logistics Association (BVL) in Bremen, organized by "Turkey Is New Hot Spot in logistics? The meeting also told the members of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce about the Turkish transport and logistics sector.
BVL Istanbul Head of the Department Chairman Klaus-Dieter von der Bey Bremen Trade meeting Turgut Erkeskin Chamber executives also attended, Turkey's economy grew together with transportation and logistics services are gaining more importance and that the specialization in the sector increasing demand for logistics, he said making changes and necessary development.
Yesterday the Turkish logistics sector, which provides information on the progress to date Erkeskin, Turkey's recent 10 years the industry stating that make significant progress in the transport sector awareness of the importance said: "large-scale investments as investments for the one hand, the state's transportation infrastructure, domestic private sector on the other hand and made abroad the company's momentum is constantly moving up. sektör
In 2012, UTİKAD President Turgut Erkeskin pointed out that the share of the state's investment in this field in total investments exceeds 30 and gave illuminating information about the planned projects and investments until 2023.
Referring to the speech on Turkey's ports and railway operations made significant progress in the field Erkeskin, also stressed that the Turkish aviation sector in great improvements.
Turgut Erkeskin, anı As is known, the construction of a third airport in Istanbul started. Third Bosphorus Bridge, Marmaray, in the Kars-Tbilisi railway project by project, it expands links between Europe and Asia via Turkey to make efforts. Our Ro-Ro lines developed in maritime transport. Rail transport was opened to private sector. UTIKAD's is also a founding partner (BALO) Great Anatolia Logistics Organizations Inc. as the basis for many transportation projects will ripen intermodal transport in Turkey are in a great dynamism alacak.dolayı with the start of this year. This is of great interest to the world, Bu he said.
Erkeskin will present the Turkish transportation and logistics sector with all modes of transport and will provide information on the activities and services of UTIKAD. XARX-12 will be held in 15 on September 2013. It also gave information about FIATA World Congress, which will be hosted by UTIKAD for the second time.
Erkeskin end of the meeting, chamber members answered questions of industrialists and businessmen to Turkey and the sector.

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