Alcohol is okay too, why is the drug free?

Alcohol is also ok, cause drug free? Confiscated the license of using alcohol in Turkey, but the drug also works driver behind the wheel of taking such değil.uyuşturuc, the Road Traffic Act can not be confiscated driver's license due to legal loopholes. Since there is no deterrent penalty, the number of drivers using drugs is increasing day by day. The police, on the other hand, are desperate to see that these people they caught are not punished. According to a current report of Zaman Newspaper, on 17 October 2012 in Eskişehir, Ata A. was stopped while he was traveling with his vehicle and his alcohol was checked. Although his condition was suspected, no alcohol findings were found in the driver. This time, the police took Ata A. to the hospital to determine if he had taken any substance. As a result of the blood and urine analysis performed after the doctor's control at the hospital, it was determined that Ata A. took drugs. The police could not take criminal action against Ata A., who was driving by taking drugs, due to some gaps in the Highway Traffic Law, and could not confiscate his license. The doctor's reports showing the presence of drugs in Ata A.'s blood and urine and the minutes kept during the application were presented as evidence and applied to the judicial authorities. The police demanded that the driver's license be revoked indefinitely through the court. Appearing before the judge, Ata A. explained that he was a friend victim of drugs. Stating that drugs are a very bad thing, Ata A. said, “I stopped using drugs after the date of the incident. I will not drink again. " said. The court board, which listened to Ata A.'s defense and examined the file, announced its decision at the end of the 4th hearing. The court board decided whether the license of Ata A., who was driving drugs, could be seized or not, since the provision of the law stipulating that the driver's license to be taken for an indefinite period of time was canceled in the 2918/48 clause of the law numbered 6. Judicial expenses were also left to the public for this reason.
Tokat 1. Criminal Court of Peace, 2918 48 / 6. In the 2011, the Court applied to the Constitutional Court for allegedly restricting the freedom of travel guaranteed by the Constitution and that the provision of di taking the drug and enjoyment item by the vehicle users will take the driver's license indefinitely mad. The Constitutional Court, which examined the application of the local court, abolished the provision of law and arbitrary clause, which foresees the deprivation of the driver's license indefinitely. With the decision of the Constitutional Court, taking the drug and enjoy the substance of driving the driving license of the driver's indefinitely disappeared event.


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