No Other Power from the AK Party Did Not Dare to Train High Speed

No Other Power from the AK Party Did Not Dare to Train High Speed
AK Party Deputy Burdur deputy and Local Governments. Hasan Hami Lightning, 18 2013 Thursday April Grand National Assembly of Turkey took the floor in the General Assembly on the Draft Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport, gave a speech on behalf of the party. Member of Parliament Hasan Hami Yildirim, finding important explanations, not specifying the privatization of the railways, so far other than the power of the AK Party government did not dare to build High Speed ​​Train said.

In I have taken my name on the Draft Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transportation.

I respectfully greet your Supreme Committee.

If we are discussing a law on the railway,

First of all, I would like to thank the railwaymen of this country, who have been making efforts to train the country's railroads and have been trying to carry out the train.

Republic of Turkey Railways that are organized in the modern sense, in the monopoly of foreign demiryolculuk profession, a demiryolc generation cultivates the railwaymen teach our our people "father" General Manager of the first railways what they see as, after having Nafie Chairman, World War II Paris Our Sefiria the Year late Behiç Erkin and his friends mercy , thankfully.

Same way,

I commemorate the students of Behiç Bey who is a generation of the railwaymen in the early years of the Republic, who is incredibly excited about every part of the rail that has been laid for each tunnel.

I believe that that lining the high-speed rail line today, making a solid way more than our current line up to 2023 years that has made decisive goal in today's railwaymen after year it 90 hundred years later, still Grand National Assembly of Turkey will be remembered mercy gratefully under the roof. I salute the railroad of today.

For our nation, for our country, the issue of railway is a matter of fate, unlike other countries. Because the project of the modernization movement of the Turkish Nation is the most efficient, the most humane, the most socially responsible project is the railway move.

Looking from today, the matter is not so easily understood ...

See, for the first time in this country there are hundreds of towns that have met the hot water network for the first time, thanks to nut bread, pharmacy, medicine, doctor, book, cinema, theater, landscaping and railways. Health trains, library trains, cinema trains know the generations before us.

Each city passing through the railway has been developed around the train station, the busiest street of the city, the street where the pulse is taken, the station streets.

In every part of this geography, especially from the first years of the Republic, every part of the railway has become the hand of our people.

Every homeland child was given a free train travel document under the name of sülüs, and all kinds of population movements were carried by railroads.

The train has become one of the family, rather than a transportation vehicle. Unfortunately, this vital function of the railways has been weakened from the 1940s, rail investments have not been made, it has become impossible to do, and this facility, which is the face flux of our country, has been abandoned.

Until when?

Until the AK Party government comes to work?

Today we have High Speed ​​train lines İşte

Today, we are the world's first in many railway industry products.

No one would have thought that YHTs would work as full as they were between Ankara and Konya.

At the moment, no one dared to build hundreds of kilometers of high-speed railroads while I was making this speech.

This is the business of horizon, the work of stability, the service is the job.

See the majority of our people today surveys, regardless of the cost, high-speed train lines want to continue.

In other countries, the high-speed train ride, our country more rapid, more comfortable, they find better quality.

This pride, as well as the pride of our nation, the pride of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey from its bosom.

We're discussing a law today. We say that if the state is making infrastructure on highways,

If the airlines are making airports,

Let the state continue to make infrastructure in railways.

Let the government do both state and private sector.

Let the state and the private sector go hand in hand with the railways, as in the developed countries, carry more passengers, carry more cargo, serve more people.

That's what the law brings. There are those who call it privatization. They're wrong. This is not customization.

TCDD will continue its path as two public institutions as infrastructure and management to make its business better by the law. In addition, the private sector organizations that have sufficient competence are being reduced to be able to perform train operations. State is regulating traffic, the state is giving the certificate.

Just as no railwayman or railwayman has lost any of their rights, newcomers to the railway family will have the same rights. TCDD, which is responsible for infrastructure, and TCDD Tasimacilik A. There is no change in the status of subsidiaries. Railwaymen do not lose their status, as the sector develops kazanit happens.

This is a transport democracy.

With the new operators to enter the sector by law, the idle capacity of the railways is also used. There are a few trains a day. Being inactive means the loss of the country and our transport.

While preparing the draft law, transportation policies in the world were taken into consideration. Samples were examined in European countries where the railway developed. The law is the legal and administrative basis for the concept of ept Journey to the Future for Innovative Railways Yasa.

Friends of this nation worthy of service.

If you have a friend who does not ride, between Ankara-Eskisehir or Ankara-Konya between high-speed train ride; Turkey is a photograph that photo of the passengers.

I wish the law good luck, great momentum kazanI sincerely believe that our railway move will develop further with this law.

Dear friends, I would like to remind one point when I finish my words; formerly, "Black train is delayed, maybe never come" was called. Now it is said, ”The fast train comes quickly, let's hurry. Şimdi

I would like to congratulate our Minister Binali YILDIRIM.

I congratulate your team.

I salute you all, respectfully.

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