AK Youth visited TÜVASAŞI

AK Youth visited TÜVASAŞI

Chairman of the AK Party Sakarya City Youth Branch Mehmet Keçeoğlu, with the participation of the Provincial Board of Directors Chairman and General Manager of TÜVASAŞ Erol Inal'a visited.

AK Party President Sakarya City Youth Branches Mehmet Keçeoğlu, TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol Inal visited his office and received information about the work. Provincial Youth Branch President Mehmet Keçeoğlu Provincial Vice President Salim Burucu, Provincial Board members Abdurrahim Abdullah, Mustafa Kaymul, was accompanied by Sinan Likoz.

The pride of TÜVASAŞ

TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal gave information about the production capacity, number of employees, ongoing projects and R & D activities of TÜVASAŞ thanks to their visit to the Youth Branches. Mehmet Keçeoğlu, Head of Provincial Youth Branches, mentioned the importance of TÜVASAŞ for our city and our country and said the following: President Keçeoğlu beri Railways have been neglected in our country for years. With the investments made since the last 10 year, the importance of railway has increased. With light rail trains, accelerated trains and high-speed trains, our people can travel faster and more economically. Transportation problems of metropolitan cities were eliminated with metros. In these developments, TÜVASAŞ has a big share with the number of employees engaged in production in our city and the projects delivered. TÜVASAŞ has always been our pride with the achievements we have achieved TÜ.

Following the visit of the Authority, General Manager Erol İnal showed the provincial youth chiefs Mehmet Keçeoğlu and the accompanying board members the high speed trains produced at the production site. Provincial Youth Branch President Mehmet Keçeoğlu thanked General Manager Erol İnal after the visit.

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