Ahmet Emin Yılmaz : TCDD's program is ready: Not every train will stop in Yenişehir

TCDD program is ready: each train will not stop in Yenisehir: TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman'la meeting with the AK Party Bursa deputy Huseyin Sahin, Yenişehir high-speed train route announced. Accordingly, trains from Ankara will not stop Yenisehir. There are three different mobility programs to go from Bursa Bursa

Though, the questions on the heads of the railway are not yet resolved. For example, the construction of the tunnels in the Bursa-Yenişehir stage of the high-speed train for the Bursa Railway Station in Balat continues. But out of tunnels, the railroad didn't show up yet.

The tender for the construction of the Yenişehir-Bilecik connection, which will connect Bursa to Ankara-Istanbul route, has not been made yet.
Even the number of stations to be built in Yenişehir was a problem between the two MPs of the AK Party.
As will be remembered san
A politician of İnegöl origin, AK Party Bursa deputy and member of Parliament's Plan-Budget Committee Hüseyin Şahin announced that two stations will be built in Yenişehir, one near airport and one near to the district in line with the demands and expectations of the region.
Mustafa Öztürk, another AK Party deputy from Bursa, explained that bir a station will be built not in Yenişehir but two stations Bir.
After all these developments, speculation was made on how many stations will be in Yenişehir.
We talked with Huseyin Sahin, the AK Party deputy of Bursa. When he said it first, he insisted:
Ü I am in constant contact with Mr. Süleyman Karaman, General Director of Railways. TCDD has not given up its decision to make two stations in Yenişehir. This is what the Yenişehirliler want. Zaten
Di Mr. Karaman said that the tariff and the program for Yenişehir stations were ready tarife and gave an important information about the details:
Iyor It is said that the frequent stop of the high-speed train is not correct, so stopping twice in Yenişehir will lead to disruption. True, the really fast train does not stop frequently. In Yenisehir, every train will not stop. Zaten
He explained:
Yen None of the trains arriving in Ankara will stop at Yenişehir. “
He continued:
Dur It is not possible for trains going from Bursa to stop at two stations. For example, trains that meet aircraft hours will stand by the airport. Some trains will stop at the station next to the district. Some trains will not stop and continue in Yenisehir. Bazı
He passed a little more information:
Medi Gürsu Station has not been completely canceled. The station is ready, but it will not be built now, and will be done later. M

Source: Olay Newspaper

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