Mardin Castle on the cable car

Mardin Castle on the cable car
Preparations in Mardin, which will apply for UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage in 2014, continue at full speed. As part of the historical transformation project, the 150 reinforced concrete building in the old Mardin collapses, while the 700 building is waiting to be demolished. After Venice and Jerusalem, the world's archaeological site, 3. city ​​of Mardin with the title; The restoration project prepared for Mardin Castle was approved by Diyarbakır Monuments High Council. 20 million pounds will be spent for the restoration of the Mardin Castle will be auctioned in May. Considering the increasing number of visitors in Mardin, where 1 is close to the annual XNUMX tourists, it is planned to build a ropeway system in Mardin Castle and electric minibuses are used in urban transportation.

Mardin Governor Turhan Ayvaz, Mardin Castle to build a ropeway system to make more attractive, he said. Ler We aim to increase the number of tourists coming to Mardin to the annual 5 million, Val said Governor Ayvaz. For this we repair the works of all cultures. We want Mardin to have its old look. Today, the number of tourists per year exceeds one million. After entering the historical transformation and the World Cultural Heritage list, this figure will find a very comfortable 5 million. Tarihi

Governor Ayvaz, who explained that they demolished the 150 reinforced concrete building in Mardin, said that they aim to destroy the 60 of the remaining concrete buildings this year, and said bu In 2014, we will submit the UNESCO file to the United Nations Science, Education and Culture Organization. For this purpose, we accelerate the repair work in all historical places. Mardin's natural structure and stone architecture have a unique beauty. The world's 3 with Mardin, Jerusalem and the medieval view after Venice. archaeological site There are traces of 30 civilization in Mardin. These features make Mardin different and privileged in the world. '

Ayvaz laser scanning of the historic city of Mardin, and the date of the survey was removed, the Mardin after the collapse of the city, it was possible to re-establish the attention.

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