The section between Orhaneli Junction and Gül Junction will be opened next week.

The first stage of the work that was initiated by the Karayolları'nın Izmir Road, between Orhaneli Junction and Rose Junction section will open to traffic next week.
Highways 14. Asphalt renewal and road expansion work initiated by the Regional Directorate of Izmir Road in the last days of March is continued despite the adverse weather conditions. At the first stage of the traffic between the closure of the Orhaneli Junction and Rose Junction will be opened next week between the junction was reported. Highways 14. The officials of the Regional Directorate stated that there is no disruption despite the rain, falt We continue our excavation works even if the rain seems to hamper our asphalt works. Until the night 24.00 work is done without stopping. We have stated that we will finish in the 45 daily period. There is no deviation. A few days may well be over a few days may be delayed. We are also doing paving works. Şu
By the end of the week they are planning to open the departure section of the road, officials said, ı 90 percent of the work done in the departure section. We're planning to open next week. Then the direction of arrival will begin. We estimate that the work on arrival will take less time. Because the city from outside the city, less intense than the exit. 50 percent of the overall work is over. There are no problems. Ular


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