Fittings with Yıldırım said Turkey will Duble Railways

Fittings with Yıldırım said Turkey will Duble Railways


Turkey's first Metro Tools Production Facilities Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Turkey's, said that the railways in the last 10 years the saga summer, the 50-year YHT dream, he recalled resolved in their power. Explaining that during his years as a high school student, politicians had promised in their election propaganda that there would be a speedy railway between Ankara and Istanbul and that the travel time would be reduced to 2,5 hours, Yıldırım said: “The year was 1972. The year passed as much as Aldülhamit remained on the throne. But nothing changed in the project. 12 government, 20 ministers changed, YHT Turkey has postponed the dream of every time another spring. We came, we started by putting in Turkey and Ankara-Eskisehir line in 2009, our country, Europe 6, brought into the country which has the world's 8th YHT management. At the end of the year, we finish the Eskişehir-Istanbul stage. We are finishing the Marmaray Project, which was left to us by Sultan Abdülmecit, our dream of 150 years. Thus, we are implementing the project that will connect China and England, Beijing and London with modern iron networks. Best wishes.


Stating that Turkey and China centuries before their relationship went, the two countries along the Silk Road caravan he built, today also noted that it was time to build the Silk Railways network.

Republic of the 100th anniversary of the reaching of Turkey that they will equip with four one hand, double railway express Lightning, 2012. In August Visiting themselves of ASO President and friends, they expressed that they want to take an active part in the work done by industrialists, before lapse of one year, the domestic contribution in subway cars He explained that they increased their share to 1 percent and that a facility was established for production. Yıldırım said that this facility, the foundation of which has been laid today, will be the most important center not only in meeting the metro vehicles that Ankara needs, but also in meeting the need that exists in the geography in a short time and will reach 51 billion dollars in the next 10 years.


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