New Regulation on Peripheral Roadways

In the Bozüyük district of Bilecik, in addition to cleaning and arranging the pedestrian crossings passing under the ring road, floor tile laying works have started.
Bozüyük Municipality, Directorate of Science Affairs teams, first in the district of Yediler 595. Street with 111. It started at the subway, which provides the link between the street. The teams were cleaned up by cleaning the soil and mud in the work area. Then the floor tile flooring work was started. After the floor is covered with floor tiles, it is planned to implement a solid and durable floor lighting system, previously implemented in the railway underpass and welcomed by citizens. With the completion of the arrangement and offering the underpasses to the service of the citizens, residents of Yediler Mahallesi will have a much more modern and secure underpass.
According to information obtained; The same works of the Çarşı Mahalar 372. Street with 204. It was learned that it will be done in the subway which connects the street with each other.

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