Marmaray is a museum

📩 27/11/2018 15:44

Marmaray is a museum
The museum opens for the preservation and exhibition of many historical monuments in the excavations of Marmaray and Istanbul Metro.

Many historical artifacts came to light during the excavations of Marmaray and Istanbul Metro in Yenikapı. The artifacts that took place in the underground excavations that took the history of the city to 8 thousand 500 years ago are beginning to be exhibited slowly. The excavations in the area of ​​58 thousand square meters were found in many animal bones from the fallow deer to the camel, from the vulture to the vulture. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Istanbul University (IU) examining the bones is now preparing to exhibit a museum. Professor Dr. As a result of the studies conducted under the direction of Vedat Onar, a special museum was established for animal bones.

Dr. Onar, 'Everything that is removed from the field is being graded and examined. In addition to the ruins of Theodosius Harbor belonging to the Byzantine period, the finds that led to the 8 thousand 500 years ago were found. 8 bin 500 human footprints, houses and graves of the year before emerged. The animal skeletons found in the excavations are at least as interesting as the historical monuments. From the turtle domesticated in Yenikapı, to the vultures fed to their feathers, 55 was found to have different species of animals. Most of the horse bones were removed during excavations in the area. The bear bones removed from the area can be seen very easily on the streets of Istanbul until the year before 20, and now we are only revealing the source of the playing tradition we encountered in Yeşilçam movies. ' said.
The archaeological excavations in Yenikapı for about 9 years are about to be completed. The museum will be open to visitors in late May.

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