They say there is no commuter line between Istanbul Adapazarı

They say there is no commuter line between Istanbul Adapazarı
The construction of the new railway within the borders of our city continues with great discomfort. According to what the city elders, our city administrators, the elected officials of the city's people told us, we know about it:

Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) road is being done. Hopefully, 29 will run this even on the Fast Train from October to 2013. For the High Speed ​​Train, two separate lines are being constructed through İzmit. In addition, the Arab ports, which fill our sea, fill our seas, destroy our agricultural areas, are carrying out a special route for trains carrying American freighters only. There is also a new railway line for the suburban trains to be used in passenger transportation just like in the Istanbul-Adapazari line. De

That's what they told us. We know that.

However, the other day, by chance, I met an official from Demiryol-İş Union. “You know wrong. There is no suburban line. B

I felt like boiling water. Is there really a suburban train line between Istanbul and Adapazari, isn't it?

The high-speed train to run between Istanbul and Ankara is of course very important for our country. When we start working, we will all benefit. It's gonna be a little expensive from the bus. But it will be both fast, comfortable, and safe. YHT Turkey's path to be equipped with the network, to tolerate some distress for the line will pass our cities, of course, we can not oppose.

But this YHT path that bothers us is not done for us, for this city, for İzmit.

We can't resist the load line. Relieve the highways passing through our province. Of course, to reduce transportation costs, it would be beneficial for Turkey. But this freight train line is also not for us.

The only thing that would be of interest to us was the en suburban train line hat. Moreover, the Minister, Deputy, Governor, Mayor everyone told us, Belediye Don't worry. There will also be a suburban train line. Ol

Now it is said, hat There is no commuter train line. Şimdi

This will be a tremendous treachery to Kocaeli, especially to Izmit. Recently, the Minister of Transport Yıldırım said, ”This suburban train line is a little difficult tren. But none of the elected officials from our city came to the city people, insan We gave up the suburban train. We're just doing a high-speed train and freight train. Sadece She provided.

Last Friday night my little boy would return from Eskisehir. His bus would be in Izmit at midnight. I went to meet at midnight at the terminal, so that the boy would not stay sersefil.

I confess. I entered Izmit Intercity Bus Terminal for the first time. A very big, magnificent building. When we say that the municipality does not have any money, we count what Sefa Sirmen is doing and say, da Garbage factory, Yuvacık Dam, natural gas, ice skating facility H. We don't really take this bus station into account. However, during that absence management Sefa Sirman, Turkey has also succeeded in making one of the biggest bus terminals. Collect all the wedding halls made by the current Metropolitan Municipality, this Bus Terminal does not.

Anyway, let's get back to position. It's midnight. Bus terminal, where you can get crowded, moving. It was very clean, very neat. All offices are open. Turkey's province of 80, buses depart to many districts. Turkey's constantly coming around the bus. Those who welcome the traveler; The people who send their passengers are hugged.

I thought it was an outdated city. its population almost approached the 2 million. But this city has no other means of intercity transportation. They did the airport, no planes. No trains for two years. We have sea, no sea transport. From Istanbul to Istanbul, the only means of bus; The only means to Kars is the bus. The people of this city have no choice.

Between Izmit-Istanbul, Izmit-Adapazari, Istanbul-Adapazari, tens of thousands of people come and go every day. Students, artisans, civil servants, lecturers, businessmen. Running this train is an inevitable need and a great income for the state. Izmit cannot do without trimming. Nothing more than the fast train, that luxury .. suburban train completely another. It's a need. We endure so many problems, re-suburban train to work. But now, they say, "Don't wait in vain, there's no commuter train line."

I heard it from someone else. The plan is long-term. You know, there's a new train going through the north. It will go parallel to the North Marmara Motorway. In the project phase, the 2023 will probably end. When that new road to the north is finished, the High Speed ​​Train will move there. When the Fast Train has already moved there, it will not stop or stop in Izmit. When the high-speed train moved up, the following new road will now be wasted, maybe it will be on its way to commuter trains.

I still want to believe that what I hear isn't right.

However, during the AKP government, they always put this city in a position of sucker. They did everything with us, and they didn't look at us. Turkey has developed evolved. Our town has gone back on everything. Think about; Our urban transportation is a matter of concern.

The bus companies that carry passengers between Izmit and Istanbul and who earn a lot of money are not constantly buying new buses. If they know that the commuter trains will be working again soon, will they invest so much?

I request from the Minister, the Governor, the Metropolitan, the deputies. Come on, tell the people of this city the truth:

Is the suburban train between Istanbul and Adapazarı to work or not?

Is there a suburban train line within the existing railway lines?

If we're eating this kind of stake, and they've lied to us about it, shame all of them.

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