The preparation of the tramway project of the terminal road of Bursan to be completed

The preparation of the tramway project of the terminal road of Bursan to be completed
Regarding the rail system line to be built on the Bursa-Yalova road, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, “Preparations are being made on the terminal line. Next summer is our last summer. Here we want to compile a little bit of the city. It's hard to dig everywhere. Currently the project is about to be completed. We want the line to the terminal to be made as soon as possible, but we haven't decided when to start. There is no obstacle for us to tender. We can make a tender in the coming days. However, there are places that are being excavated in the city center at the moment and they cause trouble for the public. While the rails are being laid, pavement arrangements and facade work are done on the one hand. There is construction in many parts of the city. "We will decide whether we will hit the pickaxe or not, and we will do this without causing too much disturbance to the citizen," he said.

The number of minibuses that cause problems in traffic turns to yellow taxis because there are many numbers in Bursa. Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said that there is an intense demand for minibuses to turn into yellow taxis. After the rail system was installed in the city, the minibuses decided to return to the yellow taxi. The minibuses that apply to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality want the “D” plates given to them to turn into “T” plates. Underlining that 40 percent of minibuses return to a taxi, Altepe said, “There is a rapid development in this regard. Applications are also ongoing. There were about 350 minibus taxis. ”

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