Bologna model signaling system moves to Eskişehir-Balıkesir line

Bologna model signaling system moves to Eskişehir-Balıkesir line
European Union of Eskişehir and Balıkesir railway line (EU) of the work to be modernized in accordance with the norms expected to be completed in the year 2014, the important European "super-integrated" one of the featured centers with the Bologna model is being taken a similar life in Turkey.

importance of rail transport in Turkey every day more and more, while parallel to modernize the railway lines, increasing the need for renewal. The main elements of this are the railway signaling system, which includes features such as the realization of the railway traffic on the railway lines safely, the more efficient use of railway lines, the time, frequency and capacity of the trains on a line, and the establishment of the centers where it is controlled.


Both energy both in Turkey that operate close to the year 60 in the transportation area, Istanbul's railways and subway auctions especially prominent French Alstom company, aims to be a pioneering role in the regeneration of the dynamic structure having said the country's railway lines.

Eskişehir and Balıkesir signaling on the line, and the Republic of Turkey 2 years ago for the supply of telecommunications systems State Railways (TCDD), the company that has signed a contract euros approximately 89 million, will carry on in this line with the European standards. It is planned to complete all modernization processes on the said line in 36 months and to complete the 2014 in November and to commission the new equipped system. This line passing through Kütahya is about 350 km. long rail connection will be connected to the Control Center in Afyon.


In this project Alstom will be based on the control center in Bologna, Italy, the largest signaling system to date. The Bologna Control Center, which opened its doors to journalists, was launched in 2009, and is one of the largest ata super-integrated, control centers in Europe. The 8 line manages the infrastructure of the 29 train station, the management of passenger information and traffic control with giant screens, the signal on 600, the 300 scissor motor, the 1.400 main road and the infrastructure of the 1.700 maneuver path, which Alstom has done so far. the largest signaling system. The center, which cost 100 million euros, is considered to be the olan center of excellence un of Alstom.

Alstom officials, capacities and some of the lower equipment in the Control Center in Afyon, but the system in general will be the same as in Bologna, he said.


Eskişehir-Balıkesir project of the interlocking system approximately 1.800 different balloon, 560 different signal, 210 scissor motor will share the information that share the authorities, in the center of Afyon "Iconis" control system will be used in the center of Bologna, this is the use of the latest technology, he said. The Iconis control system ensures that the train remains connected to tariffs, automatic route determination and non-overlapping use of resources. Thanks to the system, TCDD will be able to ensure the safe and efficient operation of railway traffic at the train speeds up to 160km / hour in this line segment.


Alstom introduced the new, modern and safer ERMS / ETCS (European Railway Traffic Management System / European Train Control System) standard to reporters in Bologna, which will confuse the light signaling system with history. In order to eliminate the problems that may arise from different signaling systems across Europe, this system ensures that the railway traffic on the railway lines is safely carried out, at the same time optimizing the time, frequency and capacity of the trains on a line, personnel saving, traffic safety and efficient train operation. This modern signaling system started in Alstom TAPS project in Turkey, in the Eskişehir-Balıkesir line continues to work to implement it. Company officials said the system 89 million announced it would cost Euros, Eskişehir and Balıkesir Project in Turkey ERTMS Level 1 and Level 2 will be equipped with train protection and control systems that carry the distinction of being the first conventional lines, he said.


Alstom officials in Turkey said consistently that it is extremely important for them of developing rail market, so the year 2012 as Alstom Transport Turkey, the MEA (Middle East & Africa / Middle East & Africa) has become a region of the center and of the head office He underlined that he moved to Istanbul. In this case, engineering, design and emphasized that the mean increase in the resources allocated to Turkey for production.

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