Danish logistics giant 4 to negotiate with Turkish company

Denmark-based DSV of the world's leading logistics company, is preparing for huge investment in Turkey has chosen as the most popular market. Opened the purse-strings for the new acquisitions, the company began talks with four of the leading logistics companies in Turkey. CFO DSV Turkey Aykut Karatas, "Our meetings are moving in a positive direction. We can buy all four companies. Dört
DSV Logistics, which provides storage services as well as land, air and sea transportation, operates through its own company in 74 countries worldwide and through its agencies in other countries. CFO DSV Turkey Aykut Karatas, "except for a portion of Africa and poles, we have anywhere in the world," he stressed that one of the major players in the logistics industry dsv'n the world. DSV, and in 2006 his entry in Turkey's market DSV Air & Sea and DSV offers services as two separate companies, including International Road Transport. DSV 220 employees in Turkey's Izmir, Mersin, Adana, Ankara, Bursa and has nine offices in Istanbul. The company, which has private offices at Istanbul Atatürk and Izmir Adnan Menderes airports, also has a storage area of ​​15 m2. The company provides 27 percent of its turnover from air transportation, 24 percent from land and 49 percent from sea transportation.
Every year% 60 growth increased appetite
dsv'n explaining that Turkey's market grew about 60 percent annually in the last five years Aykut Karatas, "the company grew so fast that no other market. Therefore, Turkey is very DSV Global care. Watching with interest Turkey's economic growth and rely too much on the country. He both wants to invest and quickly approves every investment request of us. ” DSV investment plans, according to Turkey's 2023 export target as they şekildendir Turkey Karatas, "So far, we have organic growth, as the company has now come buy mAlArA" he said.
Four large firms started to negotiate
DSV is preparing for a huge investment that will move the stones in the Turkish logistics sector. Karatas, the information they gave four major logistics company to start operating in purchasing negotiations with Turkey. The company, which is XNUMX percent open to stock exchange, cannot explain the details of this great investment and who these companies are for now. Karataş emphasized that they do not have any problems in terms of investment budget, therefore they have the power to take all four of these companies. Noting that they have started negotiations and that they are progressing positively, Karataş said that they plan to start the investment this year. Karatas, the countries of the region when they reach their growth targets in Turkey, he said DSV can be connected to Turkey.
Will set up a storage company
DSV Turkey as Karatas said that they want to increase their activities in storage, the companies said they plan to purchase will also contribute to growth in this area. Karatas, "after enlarging the current 15 thousand m2 available storage takes us considerably in Turkey as well as our other country we want to build a storage company," he said. Stating that they will focus on African markets as DSV, Karataş said, “Growth expectations in Europe are below zero. Therefore, new markets are needed. Africa DSV Global bought a company in Africa last year. In Turkey we also have to concentrate on this market, "he said. Stating that they can also invest in railway transportation, Karataş said that we need to see the results of liberalization before we invest in railways. ”
Project transportation grows with 'energy'
Turkey one of the fastest growing sectors of energy stated that Aykut Karatas, said the project grew transport sector. Karataş said, “There are big investments in the energy sector. In order to make these investments, some special equipment must be moved. Even carrying a piece of the wind rose is a project transportation in itself. This rapid growth, especially in the energy sector, is rapidly expanding project transportation. we established a project department last year. We're doing a project for transport of large energy companies in Turkey. We are growing rapidly in this area. ”

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